Rumor: Strzok and McCabe to be ARRESTED this Week

Greg Rubini describes himself as “Strategy Advisor at [classified] / Intel / Comms / High Tech”. And he caused a stir recently.

He claims the distinction of outing Ciaramella as the whistleblower. Few people doubt that Ciaramella is indeed the person who plotted with Democrats to overthrow President Trump.  And now Rubini makes a different claim.

In what must cause shivers down the backs of many Democrats, Rubini tweeted that Peter Strzok and Andrew McCabe will both be arrested this week, possibly Monday or Tuesday.

Let’s pretend for a moment that the information is true, because it certainly has great potential. So if true, these arrests represent the tip of the iceberg that would sink 1000 Titanics.

I’ve opined that once the first person goes down in this coup, the rest will fall like dominoes. And as the truth of the attempted coup of Donald Trump finally surfaces for the entire world to see, Democrats will face an ugly truth. Most will finally be appalled.

No more running from the obvious truth, that Democrats high within the Obama administration orchestrated the Russian collusion farce.

Next, Schiff and team orchestrated the nonsensical Ukraine “high crimes” farce.

In their zeal to get Trump no matter what, Democrats screwed up royally. They involved far to many people, and most are not capable of lying to the degree needed. An even more unbelievable story than Blasey-Ford’s hypothetical and non-existent rape.

In short, Americans, but particularly Leftists who put their faith in the lying Democrat skanks will be forced to admit they have supported people who will go to endless bounds to frame innocent people. In this case, Trump. Arresting McCabe and Strzok doesn’t even the score for even a millisecond.

However, as Hollyweirdos, the media, and other Leftist vermin realize Trump’s innocence, expect Armageddon. And just in time for the election.

It will be fun to watch as these asswipes pretend to have been pure of heart and intent, as they participated in the biggest coup and coverup in American history.


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