Iowa Results: Sanders Team Miffed

Bernie Sanders is being undermined. Again.

And like in 2016 when Sanders sold out to Hillary Clinton, he may get a second chance at adding to his now massive fortune.

With all the shenanigans currently playing out in Iowa, who knows what the real results are after last night’s caucus. Understand that one of Hillary Clinton’s former staffers runs the show in that state.

But Bernie Sanders knew what was coming. After all, he got cheated in 2016 and sold out. So why not cash in again?

Leading up to the Iowa caucuses, Democrats have done massive polling. One poll was so ridiculous it reported that Biden led all other Democrats by 20 points in the black vote. One can certainly see how scientific that data was, given the massive population of blacks in Iowa?

Clearly any poll showing Biden leading by 20 points in the black vote in Iowa or anywhere else is a joke. Despite Democrats selling the idea that Biden is black Leftists’ new Messiah, I can report with certainty, that is not the case.

Because Biden can’t make any serious traction, Democrat power brokers and their Leftist minions (the media) pull another fast one on Sanders. Recently, they shelved a poll that showed Sander leading in Iowa.

The DMR/Selzer poll showed the following:

Sanders 22%

Warren 18%

Buttigieg 16%

Biden 13%

If these numbers are true in the least, then Democrats’ problems are far worse than most  imagined.

Most shocking: the so-called “front-runner”, former VP Joe Biden is now in 4th place? That would be the death knell for Biden’s campaign. Biden is the most recognized name in the field, and yet he’s polling 4th. No wonder the powers-that-be issued a fatwa on these poll results.

But it gets worse, as Democrats consider that 40 percent of their electorate want communists as their leaders.

The combined polling of Sanders and Warren scares the so-called centrist in the party. Translated: Sanders and Warren shift the moderate voters to Trump.

When you consider how bad things are for Democrats, add this interview with Chris Matthews to the list:

Matthews is noticeably upset by his choices of Democrat candidates. He admits that he’s still looking for a winner.

What Iowa shows for the Democrats is America is now Trump Country.

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