Trump Acquittal Destroys Joy Behar

Three days ago Joy Behar hoped Trump would go off script and unravel during his State of the Union address.

Of course, it didn’t happen. And the following day’s acquittal made matters worse for the villain of the The View.

Behar is well-known for her anti-Trump rhetoric. And she’s proud of it. But honestly, she surprised me when she went on a tirade, acknowledging just how crazy she’s become.

This vile woman left the audience gasping as she ripped out her earpiece. Then she ranted: “I’m crazy today, he’s made me crazy this week,” she said. “He’s winning because I’m getting nuttier and nuttier.”

Behar didn’t stop there.

Fox News elaborates:

“This weekend, I’m not watching the news, I’m turning it off. I’m going to get a massage and I’m going to drink,” she added, before laughing.

“I’m going to eat every carb in the house.”

Behar also took a jab at Trump after he referred to “total acquittal” as a “gorgeous word.” “Ok, first of all, total acquittal is two words,” she said, prompting laughter from the audience.

She added: “The stable genius should know that it’s two words. And by the way, acquittal doesn’t mean that you didn’t commit a crime. Three words: O.J. Simpson.”

Look, if Behar wants to get technical, ‘O’ and ‘J’ aren’t words. They’re letters. So who is the dumbass now? I’d say the one nit-picking something so petty is the dumbass.

Behar was so off her rocker that Megan McCain was afraid to even add her opinion to the mix.

“I don’t want to say my opinion today because you’re very angry today, and everyone’s been very angry backstage,” [McCain] added.

SOTU Disappointment

How pathetic is Behar for hoping the SOTU turned disastrous? But that’s the mark of a leftist. Trump isn’t “their president,” thus, they hope for utter failure. Yet, under Obama’s tenure, conservatives prayed for Obama’s success. Because a successful president leads a successful nation. Is that so hard to understand?

For Behar, that’s a resounding yes. The day of the SOTU, The View weighed in with their predictions.

As Fox explained:

Co-host Joy Behar said she hoped that Trump would “freak out, go off-script and be completely nuts. That’s what I’m praying for.”

Behar predicted that Trump would get scared with House impeachment managers Adam Schiff, D-Calif., and Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y., sitting “right in front” during Trump’s speech.

“There’s no way this guy knows how to be presidential,” Behar said.

“I’m sorry Joy, this is a pipe dream and I love you but this is a pipe dream,” [McCain] said.

Instead, McCain predicted Trump is going “to take a victory lap over impeachment, he’s going to take a victory lap over the cluster that just happened in Iowa.”

She added that “in this moment, he’s doing pretty well. I just don’t think that the idea that he’s going to de-combust in front of the State of the Union is logical.”


McCain definitely got it right. Trump was a class act during his SOTU speech. He celebrated America’s many accomplishments. All of which happened while Democrats worked to sabotage the president. But Trump didn’t go there during his speech.

And Americans resounded praise for the president. People were weary of the impeachment trial before it even started. Add that to Trump’s stellar economy, the lowest unemployment rate in at least 50 years, favorable changes to our trade agreements, and Trump’s many other accomplishments and it’s not wonder Trump’s approval rating is on the rise.

Meanwhile, Behar becomes more irrelevant with each Trump remark she makes.


  I must say I agree with that one. When it comes to Behar, who cares?

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