Trump Landslide Part One

As if anybody bothered to question Trump’s standing, but the numbers are official.

Trump won the Republican primary with 97% of the vote.

Expect November to have a similar result. Trump would practically have to be dead and buried to lose the 2020 election. And feel free to quote me on that prediction.

I hear things aren’t so clear cut on the Democrat side. They still can’t decide who came out on top.

Obviously, the Iowa caucus is always used as a prediction tool as election season kicks into high gear. And Trump so easily defeated his challenges, that I’m sure few people even knew there was a challenger.

But as Fox News tells us:

President Trump easily defeated his primary rivals in Monday’s Iowa Republican caucuses, in the first indication that those attempting to take on the president inside his own party stand a slim chance of making headway against the incumbent.

Iowa results showed the president winning with roughly 97 percent of the vote over former Massachusetts Gov. Bill Weld and former Illinois congressman Joe Walsh. The primary challengers walked away with about 1 percent each.

RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel congratulated the president, vowing he’ll carry the state in November.

While the focus has been on the Democratic contest Monday, Iowa Republicans also caucused at precincts throughout the state.

“The president has record support among Republican voters,” Republican National Committee spokesman Rick Gorka told Fox News on Monday. “I am not concerned with those embarked on a vanity project.”

When asked how long he would stay in the Republican primary race after his defeat Monday night, Walsh campaign spokesman Charles Siler told Fox News on Monday that the former congressman “is keeping every option open.”

Seriously, Keeping His Options Open?

This guy is a total joke. He gets 1% of a vote, and he wants to keep his name out there? As if anyone heard it before today’s loss? Honestly, someone needs to tell this guy he’s in the wrong party. He belongs on the same side as Adam Schiff, as he clearly doesn’t know when he’s losing.

Fox Continues:

“He sees President Trump as the greatest threat to our republic, the exact thing our Founders feared in a leader,” Siler said, noting that the campaign has spent the last three weeks in Iowa and Walsh has visited the state nearly every week since he announced his candidacy in August.

“We’re leaving straight from Iowa to go to New Hampshire,” Siler said, noting that Walsh has been campaigning in New Hampshire “regularly” since he announced his run.

“We know this is a long-shot effort, but it’s an important one for the nation,” Siler said. “That’s why it’s so distressing that the GOP has canceled so many primary elections and blocked challengers in many other states.”

At least the other guy was smart enough to say “no comment” when asked about his future plans.

Trump’s Record

Ironically enough, Trump didn’t win in Iowa during the 2016 caucus. In fact, when the dust settled, he was trailing Senator Ted Cruz by four points. But he clearly rallied after that.

However, we’re walking into the 2020 election with the most bizarre circumstances in history. We’ve had ringside seats as Trump won an election, despite the  fact that it was rigged in Hillary’s favor. Then, the battle heated up with the Russian collusion narrative. That rolled into the Mueller Report, where we spent two years and more than thirty million dollars to watch Trump prevail yet again. And that was only the beginning, because Democrats had a back-up plan. They colluded to impeach the President for threatening to repeat Joe Biden’s actual actions.

But the impeachment was a grave mistake. Because Trump was acquitted. Forever. Which means Democrats lost the impeachment and the election in the very same moment. So this 97% win is only the beginning of #FourMoreYears.



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