AOC FURIOUS: Trump Wants to Help Americans

Today, President Trump announced his plans to help relieve the financial stress caused by coronavirus and the numerous closures aimed at stopping the spread.

But Democrats apparently know nothing of that old adage, do not kick a gift horse in the mouth.

The dust hadn’t even settled on Trump’s announcement when AOC went on the attack.

I’m not sure she got the response she was looking for.

Apparently, it’s all find and dandy to use this pandemic to push socialism down our throats. But if Trump offers some kind of help, we should be offended!

Not My President

That brings me to a message I got from my best friend. She texted me shortly after Trump’s announcement with a pretty good question.

“I wonder how many of those “not my president” MFers will be cashing those thousand dollar checks and spending every penny?”

Together, we decided those people should be removed from the list of recipients, as clearly money from the president might cause them undue anxiety.

I mean, just look at the distress AOC is in after learning of Trump’s initiative. She can barely type a tweet without falling apart.

Further, it’s quite ironic that AOC accused Trump of trying to further his agenda. (Forget that tax cuts stimulate economic growth from inside out. Unlike AOC’s plan, which puts a band-aid on a bullet hole.) Because AOC is no stranger to using a crisis to further her own agenda.

AOC’s Student Loan Plan

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez constantly pushes for student loan forgiveness. So much so that I often wonder if she’s racked up $80k or some crazy amount like that. Because no amount of reasoning seems to turn on AOC’s light bulb.

As Fox News adds:

The freshman congresswoman previously pushed temporary student loan debt relief in response to the crisis. Last week, she called out the Federal Reserve’s decision to inject $1.5 trillion of liquidiy into the market, saying that it was the same amount Americans hold in student loan debt.

“FYI, the amount that the Fed just injected almost covers all student loan debt in the US,” she tweeted. “There is absolutely NO excuse for not pausing student debt collections, planning for mortgage &rent relief, etc. We need to care for working people as much as we care for the stock market.”

“We need bold action now,” Rep. Ayanna Pressley, D-Mass., tweeted. “A plan that will ensure that we do not repeat the mistakes of the 2008 financial crisis. Debt cancellation. Across the board. Immediately, the Secretary of Education must take over all monthly payments during this public health emergency.”

Right-leaning think tanks accused Ocasio-Cortez of inappropriately using the crisis to push her agenda.

“The country is in a crisis that we need to work together to solve, but instead AOC and the left are trying to use the opportunity ram through bad fiscal policy that Americans don’t want. Free-stuff-for all is not a solution,” Sam Adolphsen, policy director at Foundation for Government Accountability, told Fox News last week.

It’s nearly impossible to find the right words when it comes to dealing with AOC.

Maybe I’ll just leave it to these tweeters:




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