Bernie Sanders Dances Lightly Around Biden’s Dementia

Bernie Sander doesn’t want to win the Democratic Party nomination. He’s intentionally letting his moments slip away.

Sanders knows that Biden has dementia. But as Politico reported, Sanders won’t mention it.

Bernie Sanders on Monday evening confronted head-on questions regarding Joe Biden’s fitness for the presidency — declining to directly attack his rival’s stamina, but suggesting that brief speeches last week by Biden on the campaign trail were insufficient to address the nation’s problems.

The remarks from the Vermont senator targeting the former vice president came at a Fox News town hall for Sanders, where a participant charged that Biden’s answers “don’t make sense” and asked Sanders whether it was “acceptable” for a White House hopeful to answer questions “like Joe Biden does.”

Sanders said that when his campaign conducts events and rallies, “we respect people in a sense that we give really substantive — these guys will think maybe too long-winded answers,” he said, gesturing to the forum’s moderators.

“There are real crises facing this country. When I give a speech, often it’s 45 minutes or an hour, OK? Because there are a lot of challenges that the country faces, and I’ve got to talk about them,” Sanders continued, before launching into a critique of Biden.

“You know, I think Joe was somewhere — where was he, I don’t know — Michigan or some place else the other day, and he spoke for seven minutes. I don’t know how you say anything other than, you know, minimal discussion in seven minutes,” Sanders said.

Minimal discussion in seven minutes? What is Sanders really trying to say? We all know the answer.

Brit Hume noted the irony in a tweet:

First time Biden has ever been criticized for speaking too briefly.

Sanders doesn’t have the guts to say publicly what he and everybody thinks; actually what everybody knows: Biden suffers from dementia.

The article continues,

Sanders’ supporters and senior staff blasted Biden over the weekend for a series of Missouri campaign events where the Democratic frontrunner offered abbreviated speeches, speaking for roughly seven minutes in St. Louis and around 15 minutes at a subsequent stop in Kansas City on Saturday.

“All I would say is, I’m not here to criticize Joe, but to say that I think the American people in this incredibly complicated and difficult moment in our history are entitled to thoughtful answers to the crises we face,” Sanders said on Monday.

Ouch. “Thoughtful answers”?

Answers Biden is incapable of giving. On questions Sanders refuses to raise.

Because Sanders is now a seasoned politico. He knows how to maximize his money. He knows the deck is stacked against him, and his back is against the wall. All he can do now is milk that Leftist cow for all it’s worth.

So as in 2016, Sanders pretends to fight on. Until he doesn’t. After losing to Biden, Sanders will become a “team player”, and Democrats will laud his surrender; even call him courageous.

Then Sanders and Democrats will strategize for a Biden win. Because a Biden win means a lot for Sanders’ political career under the circumstances. He would have made that win possible, by dropping out. Saving the day, as it were. A Biden win is a win for Bernie. A Trump win, not so much.


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