Biden Canceled Cleveland Rally due to Bidenvirus

If you think Biden’s rally was canceled due to coronavirus, then you might be as brain-dead as Joe Biden.

Biden canceled due to the Bidenvirus.

The coronavirus has become the excuse du jour of the Left. Conveniently they blame the Wuhan virus which originated in the Wuhan Province of China on America’s best president in history. In fact, latest reports even say the US Army is to blame for spreading Trump’s illness.

Thankfully, many more Americans managed to avoid what Democrats consider “the plague”, and affectionately call, “Trump’s Katrina”. Nevertheless, despite only a handful of deaths, Democrats stock up on toilet paper and vodka, just in case.

Oh, and they canceled Biden’s rally.

A missed opportunity for Biden if you ask me. Given the number of attendees who usually turn out to see Creepy Brain-dead Joe, the Wuhan virus would have made for a convenient excuse for the turnout.

In Biden’s re-launch of his campaign post-Super Tuesday, he got hundreds of people to show up. C-SPAN panned the audience in the Detroit high school gymnasium, and anemic comes to mind.

Biden didn’t disappoint, as he rambled aimlessly on.

I’ve written extensively about Biden’s dementia, and for good reason. Leftists wish to obscure the obvious. However, the more they try these avoidance tactics, the more their voting base will realize the bait-and-switch.

Democrats orchestrated the demise of Bernie Sanders. I don’t blame them one bit. Sanders is a menace who twice committed to losing elections. And I know why.

Socialists are lazy, and Sanders is no exception. Bernie likes campaigning. Flying around in jets, being driven around in limos, and eating gourmet meals. Sanders could turn all this down, but he doesn’t. Because┬áSanders loves the good life.

And after he scuttles his campaign, he will have a bit more power. Better Senate committees, and more respect in DC. Better yet, Sanders gets to keep that campaign war chest. He will have more money than any opponent whom he might face. Sanders officially joins the establishment.

Sanders supporters? Well, they were suckered again. Don’t fret; they deserved it.

Honestly, I couldn’t care less about those freeloaders. Anybody stupid enough to support Sanders deserves what they get. And what do socialists get when they trust their leaders? Nothing.

Moreover, Sanders supporters knew what was coming after 2016 when Sanders sold out the establishment, allowing Hillary Clinton to take that ass-kicking. These people watched as Bernie Sanders profited from their passion. He turned their support into millions for himself. They are the reason Sanders got a book deal. They are the reason Sanders owns two houses, and one “camp”.

Still, Biden supporters make Sanders supporters look like mensans.

These bonehead buttplugs support a man who should be in an insane asylum, if we still had them. If Biden weren’t a politician, he’d be that guy you see walking down the street muttering to himself.

Yet, a large contingency of voters support him. Because they believe the lies of the Left. Despite all the evidence presented about Democrats, these dildos happily cast their votes for one of the most corrupt people on the planet.

Admittedly, I will enjoy watching as all these gagmen have to walk-back their endorsements of Biden as his mental health worsens. Like when inevitably Biden enters lalaland during one of his rallies, and can’t remember where he is, or what he’s doing there. Or when he’s accosted by someone who disagrees with one of his policy positions, and he calls him or her by an expletive.

This predictable end to this story comes sooner rather than later.

How long do Democrats believe they can cover up for Biden. Eventually their candidate must “candidate”. They can’t hide Biden forever. And every time he emerges, Biden will be Biden.

Handlers can only anticipate so much. Eventually, the need to change Biden’s adult diaper and give him a pacifier publicly will occur. Democrats will act surprised and appalled. Finger-pointing will ensue, but ultimately they will blame President Trump.

“Why was he so mean to a man who was suffering?”, Leftists will lament.

President Trump will be sworn in for his second term, and continue draining the swamp. Democrats will be relegated to watching a magician work his magic. They won’t have a clue about Trump’s tricks, just like Obama wondered if Trump had a magic wand.




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