Biden Win Leaves Warren to Plan “Final Play”

While Joe Biden is celebrating his win, which barely rescues his campaign from the abyss, Senator Warren is now tasked with strategizing a final play.

Of course, Warren stood in front of crowds and admitted the first four contests didn’t go the way she envisioned. Her solution? “Get online now and make a donation.”

Money isn’t going to save Warren. But she mapped out a plan to keep her hallucination alive.

As Fox News explains:

In a head-turning memo Sunday, Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s campaign declared that “the reality of this race” is that “no candidate will likely have a path to the majority of delegates” at the July Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, Wis. — setting out in stark terms the possibility of a bruising convention that party leaders have long feared, and outlining Warren’s strategy for winning the presidential nomination there in a dramatic “final play.”

The memo came a day after former Vice President Joe Biden scored a strong win in South Carolina’s Saturday primary, telling “Fox News Sunday” that his campaign was a “real comeback” story. The win suddenly made Biden the overall  popular vote leader in the primary cycle to date by more than 30,000 votes, even as he narrowly trails front-runner Sen. Bernie Sanders in delegates by 8.

Warren, who has turned in disappointing finishes in every primary or caucus to date, could suffer even more losses when 14 states vote on Super Tuesday, including in her home state of Massachussetts. Nevertheless, Warren campaign manager Roger Lau vowed, in the memo, that the campaign won’t give up — and he projected the campaign will receive delegates in “nearly every state in play on Super Tuesday.”

Then, the campaign chief said, “all of our 400 Super Tuesday organizing staffers will be re-deployed to states voting in March or April.”

Grasping at Straws

Warren is sailing a sinking ship. I’d compare her disaster to something along the lines of the Titanic. Yet, she’s imagining scenarios that still put her on the ballot.

“After Wisconsin, nearly one-third of the pledged delegates will still be waiting to be elected. And there will be a three-week gap between electing delegates for the first time since voting began,” Lau wrote. “In the road to the nomination, the Wisconsin primary is halftime, and the convention in Milwaukee is the final play.”

Lau added: “Our grassroots campaign is built to compete in every state and territory and ultimately prevail at the national convention in Milwaukee.”

Grassroots? That’s a joke and a half. It’s more like this.

If you can’t win it, steal it.

Basically, the goal is to just steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders.

Under new rules adopted by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for this election cycle, if no candidiate receives a majority of delegates at the first balloting, then a second ballot will be held in which approximately 700 so-called “superdelegates,” or party insiders, would have a say. In 2016, such superdelegates were allowed to vote in the first ballot, rankling Sanders supporters.

Some left-of-center commentators were incensed: “Warren campaign admits that their goal is to steal the nomination from Bernie through corrupt deals at the convention,” wrote journalist Michael Tracey. However, Warren and her supporters noted that in 2016, Sanders had suggested that a mere plurality of pledged delegates should not necessarily guarantee the nomination.

“That was Bernie’s position in 2016, that it should not got to the person who had a plurality,” Warren said at a recent CNN town hall. “So, and remember, his last play was to superdelegates. So, the way I see this is you write the rules before you know where everybody stands. And then you stick with those rules.”

But Warren is forgetting the one thing she desperately needs to acknowledge.

Donald Trump.

Imagine what happens if Warren, by some miracle of all miracles, lands a spot on the ballot. She’ll square off against President Trump.

Over the past four years, Trump blasted unemployment, boosted the economy, and secured our borders. Meanwhile, Warren took a DNA test to prove she isn’t Pocahontas after all. Further, Warren had a beer on Instagram. Oh, and let’s not forget how she championed women’s rights. Nothing says feminism like a big fat fabrication. Especially one insinuating she was fired for a bun in her oven.

When you match up the accomplishments tit for tat, Trump wipes the floor with Warren. And he doesn’t even break a sweat. Trump supporters ante up tens of millions of dollars (with an incredible percentage of small donors). Meanwhile, Warren desperately takes a college student’s last six dollars. That’s quite an indication of where a Trump/Warren match-up leads.

It’s well past time for Warren to bow out. Otherwise, another pathetic memo drafting a comeback plan will surface. Because you know what happens when Warren opens her mouth to say something stupid— Donald Trump tweets!

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