Chris Matthews: Democrats Can’t Beat Trump

It must have taken Chris Matthews quite a lot to admit publicly what most Americans know.

Donald Trump is unbeatable.

Partial transcript:

Matthews: I’m not happy with this field. I think they gotta find a candidate for president that can beat Trump.

Scarborough: And you don’t think anybody in this field beats (interrupted)

Matthews: I’m still lookin’, still lookin’

Brzezinski: What’s the problem

Matthews: Obvious problems. They all have problems.

Matthews goes on to discuss Elizabeth Warren. Her problem, Matthews explained was scrutiny. People actually started looking into her policies and found out that she is a kook.

Matthews and millions of other Leftists have lost that tingle running up their legs in 2008.

How many times have I said on my radio show and elsewhere that the Democrat who can beat Trump hasn’t been born? Too many to count.

But you don’t have to look too far back to find polling that showed every Democrat candidate could beat Trump in a head-to-head match-up. The only question in each of those polls was how much each candidate could defeat Trump by.

So what happened? Nothing. And that’s the problem the Democrats have.

Like Russian collusion, Ukraine extortion, and all the other trumped up charges against President Trump, Democrats made up the narrative.

Meanwhile, Trump continues being Trump. Winning! And sadly for Democrats, they continue being Democrats.

Don’t dare ask the question, “What do Democrats have to offer?”.

Again, the answer is nothing.

The only thing Democrats have to beat Trump (and it won’t work) is obstruction of Trump’s policies. Democrats’ strategy is to do absolutely nothing. They hope against hope that they can sell a fake narrative. Any narrative. A fool’s folly.

With impeachment hopes dead, one would think Democrats would end their destructive behavior. But they are now all in. To let Trump win now is political suicide.

Democrats tested a strategy shift when Pelosi tried to take credit for USMCA: the trade agreement between the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Pelosi actually thanks the president of the AFL-CIO, Richard Trumka, and not President Trump.

Here is a partial transcript of the video above:

He was persistent, dissatisfied, knowledgeable, he really got us to a place which is a far distance from where we started from the proposal that was given to us.


But in terms of our work here, it is infinitely better than what was initially proposed by the administration.

Understand that President Trump campaigned on getting rid of NAFTA. But Pelosi wanted America to believe it was her idea.

Nobody believed her. Trade that benefits America belongs to Donald “Trumpka”.

And union people aren’t schmoozed by the red meat Pelosi threw to Trumka. So trying to steal Trump’s thunder failed. Because America knows that when the country wins, Democrats have nothing to do with it.

With that failure came the Democrats’ realization that they must fight Trump at every turn. And I actually understand this desperation. The flaw in the plan is Trump will keep winning without them. Thus, things will get worse for them.

Chris Matthews knows this. So no wonder he’s concerned. Note that despite things being great in America, Matthews doesn’t dare give credit to Trump. What a message for Democrats to send to their supporters?

They hate that Trump and America are successful. They hadn’t counted on this; after all, Trump can’t be better than the man who gave Matthews a tingle up his leg in 2008.

However, that realization has sunk in with Democrats. They know they have no candidate to beat Trump. They can’t even think of a candidate who can beat Trump. And Matthews said exactly that.

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