CNN Admission: Tapper Allowed AOC to Lie About Trump

CNN rarely admits to wrong-doing. Which is what makes this story unbelievable.

Jake Tapper just confessed that he knew AOC was lying about the President. Yet he chose not to challenge her.

Now, it was barely a week ago when Jake Tapper demanded President Trump quit speaking directly to the people. Because, according to Tapper, Trump is unstable and so is his leadership.

Now, Tapper sat idly by while AOC ripped a few lies aimed at the President.

And he didn’t even bat an eyelash at the falsehoods.

Fox News reports:

During an interview on “State of the Union,” Ocasio-Cortez was sounding the alarm on her city and state’s shortage of medical supplies but then quickly took a swipe at the Trump administration for its evolving rhetoric as the outbreak was spreading.

“We’re hearing every step from this administration- first, we were hearing it was a hoax, then we were hearing that everything is fine, then we were hearing that the fundamentals of the economy was OK – until the crash comes,” Ocasio-Cortez told Tapper.

She among many Democrats have accused Trump of calling the coronavirus a “hoax” on the campaign trail when he was actually conflating the uproar of the virus to the uproars of the Russia and Ukraine investigations, which he referred to as “hoaxes.”

The Trump campaign responded to Ocasio-Cortez’s comments on social media, calling the congresswoman’s claim a “lie.”

“AOC just repeated the lie that President Trump called coronavirus a “hoax.” This is not true, and has been debunked by numerous fact-checking sources. This would’ve been a great time for a fact check, @jaketapper,” Trump campaign rapid response staffer Abigail Marone said.

Tapper responded, acknowledging what Ocasio-Cortez said wasn’t factually accurate.


I’m sure you’ve heard that old adage about excuses and assholes… and this is Tapper’s:

“I thought about it, because the president did not call the virus a hoax,” Tapper tweeted. “But I didn’t because he *did* call a hoax the concerns of those saying that the response from the president was insufficient and that he was downplaying the gravity of the crisis. And that too was a lie.”

He continued, “I guess that’s the problem with a politician who lies so often; while I agree that Democrats are mischaracterizing what he said, what he did say was also false so it’s tough to justify taking the time for a fact check when it’s not taking a stand defining the truth.”

So Tapper, by his own admission, kept quiet in the face of lies because he doesn’t like President Trump. This directly disputes Tapper’s belief that he is an objective journalist.

As John Nolte from Breitbart put it:

Never once in the 30 years I’ve been monitoring the media, have I ever seen a so-called journalist justify and practically brag about allowing what he knows are lies and disinformation to take place on his own news program.

Other critics were quick to weigh in.

Back to AOC

Not much can be said about this vile wretch that we haven’t said before. She’s constantly and consistently lied from the moment she took office.

Recall when she doctored photos to make detention centers seem terrible?

Or how ’bout when she said unemployment is so low because everyone is working two jobs?

She’s even suggested that’s its immoral for young adults to even consider parenthood these days, thanks to global warming.

In fact, I’m willing to bet AOC’s made at least one faux pas each week she’s been in office. Thus, it’s no surprise the New York dingbat would tell an utter lie about Donald Trump. She’s likely completely unable to spot the truth.

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