CNN Publicity Stunt: Cuomo Has Chinese Wuhan Virus

Fake news CNN needed a ratings boost. After all, too few travelers in airports means not enough captive eyes for CNN.

Without airport travel, CNN might as well broadcast on YouTube. They needed ratings, so they staged a publicity stunt.

In a memo to employees, CNN announced one of its anchors Chris “Fredo” Cuomo has been diagnosed with the Chinese Wuhan Virus. I watched “Fredo” interview his older brother, Governor Andrew Cuomo. He didn’t look any worse for wear.

If you’re going to announce that one of your team has the dreaded virus, then show him writhing in agony, not dishing out softball questions to his big bro.

Fredo tweeted:

And if the hype of the Chinese Wuhan Virus went unnoticed on you, understand that you get another shot to be aghast. Because Fredo will continue to host his 9 PM show and is feeling well, according to the network.

Now the Brothers Cuomo get their own reality show. Younger brother of the most powerful man in New York grapples with a debilitating illness. Big brother can only watch as his sibling suffers.

Will he survive? And did he infect the entire family? He seems concerned for his wife and children, but I see nothing of them getting tested.

If the life-saving “Trump Cocktail” is offered, will Fredo take it if his health worsens? Or will he choose to take one for the team narrative and die?

Will big brother need to give a life-saving transfusion to Fredo. After all, it would be great television. And it could propel a presidential run.

Tune in tomorrow for more, “As the Big Apple Turns”.

In CNN’s attempt to make news from nothing, Brian Stelter tweeted of Fredo’s potential death sentence:

Breaking: CNN anchor @ChrisCuomo has been diagnosed with Covid-19. The network just informed staffers in New York. Chris is feeling well, and will continue anchoring from home. 

What a scoop! CNN is fortunate to have such competent anchors reporting news about each other.

Interestingly, according to the network Fredo represents the third case involving employees in the CNN New York office. I guess the two other (earlier) cases didn’t make the news cycle?

Note to Fredo and CNN: I will be more inclined to believe Cuomo is sick if you make a reality show of him actually BEING sick. Until then, I’m filing this in the “fake news” category.

Kathy Griffin recently faked having the Chinese Wuhan Virus as part of a publicity stunt. And I’m sure other so-called celebs will see “outing” themselves as the next porn tape.

Soon all the Hollyweirdos will admit they too have the dreaded virus. We will see them hunkered down in their gated mansions, toughing it out without servants and other staffers (in view of the cameras).

Miraculously they will all survive. They will hold an awards show for “Best Chinese Wuhan Survivor”, and talk of their courage. They will say things like, “I road out the Chinese Wuhan Virus with NO MAKEUP!”.

What solidarity they provided their ugly feminist brothers and sisters.

I’ve discussed on my radio show why nobody of note has died from the Chinese Wuhan Virus. Tom Hanks and his wife got it first, and they’ve apparently survived. Next most notable in my opinion is Idris Alba, and I’m predicting he’s doing quite well in isolation.

We lost Michael Jackson, Prince, and George Michael all within about 12 months, yet no notable Chinese Wuhan Virus deaths to date.

So again I ask of the celebrities, who’s willing to STEP UP?! Will Fredo Cuomo make this a teachable moment for the rest of the world and succumb to the Chinese Wuhan Virus? Will he abandon the good life and become a martyr? Go jihad on the Chinese Wuhan Virus and live in the hearts and minds of Hollyweirdos and other Leftists forever.

With a 99% survival rate, I’m betting no.

No unscripted documenting of what’s happening in Fredo’s bunker. Because then people might stop buying the narrative of the dreaded Chinese Wuhan Virus.





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