Cuomo Hints at Running for President

I know what you’ve read or possibly seen, but Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to be president. And he’s just “Biden” his time.

He’s asked about his presidential aspirations in an interview with his younger brother. I’m no body-language expert, but that coupled with his denials speak volumes.

During the interview on CNN, Cuomo repeatedly claimed that he was not thinking about running for office and that he would not think about it in the future.

Cuomo later praised Democratic presidential front runner Joe Biden, saying that “he relates to people all across the country that way and his sense of connectivity, his sense of capacity, you put all that together and he’s the real deal.”

This is how it starts. Firm denial.

Partial (altered) transcript:

Fredo: “Are you running for president, Godfather”?

Godfather: “NO!”

Fredo: “Will you think about running, Godfather”?

Godfather: “NO!”

Fredo: “Well you JUST DID think about it, so will you think about it again?”

Godfather: “Well…maybe! You got me!”

Remember when Obama said that he was wholly unqualified to be president, when asked if he was planning on running? You can’t find a reference to this statement on all of Google. Google may have scrubbed it, but Obama said it.

He even appeared on Meet the Press with Tim Russert where Obama said he would serve out his full Senate term, ergo will not run for president in 2008. Then the wholly unqualified Obama ran.

Cuomo is no different.

Why would he tip his hand? Why not do what Obama did to Hillary Clinton, and run her over with a tank when she’s not looking?

Like Brutus and Caesar, Cuomo waits for the right opportunity to stab Biden in the back. Because politics is Machiavellian, and Cuomo knows this.

Why waste the hoopla over his so-called response to the Chinese Wuhan Virus. According to the recent Siena College poll, Cuomo’s approval rating regarding the outbreak skyrocketed to 87 percent among New Yorkers.

If you ask yourself why Cuomo’s approval skyrocketed, then you likely understand why Cuomo will eventually run. Because there is no reason for his approval to skyrocket.

Creepy former VP Joe Biden is the choice of millions of moronic Democrats. And we are to believe that a governor can say a few words about his crappy handling of an outbreak is all it takes to derail their choice?

Let me put this another way, do you think Leftists would be talking about how great Cuomo is if their choice was 2008 Barack Obama?

“Cuomo who,” they would say. But not with Captain Demento, Joe Biden.

Leftists need a fallback plan, and Cuomo knows this.







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