Democrats: Feeling Like LOSERS These Days

With President Trump in office, Conservatives feel like winners. And that’s just what Trump promised.

He said we might get tired of winning. I don’t anticipate that, as I rather like the feeling of winning. As a life-long winner, I know what it means to win. My status as a winner required a lot of early losing. And I’m not going back. 

Conservatives train to win. We understand that to get better at anything requires practice. But after practice, you must test yourself. Because whether you like it or not, life will test you. Life places many adversaries in your way. And as the saying goes, “You win some, you lose some”.

You must learn how to win, to overcome. That’s what Conservatives do. We prepare to win by the rules.

But Leftists learn how to cheat. They stack the deck in almost every facet of life. Because Leftists can’t compete where there are rules. Thus, they must unlevel the playing field.

Hardly an area of policy exists where Leftists didn’t cheat. They cried “man-made global climate change”, while paying scientists to lie. Once the money dried up, the same adamant scientists who preached that nonsense admitted they lied for money.

And what about this current issue of border security? Democrat leaders have been in lock step with Trump’s policies, before they were Trump’s policies. Yet NOTHING was done about securing our border. Then as soon as President Trump actually addresses border security, the Left lies about “separation of families” and other BS.

They do this for votes and money. For Leftists, that translates to power and money.

Enough rehash, as here’s the good news. The Left are now losing…BIG TIME!

Do you remember the last win Democrats experienced? Probably not. In the past, they’ve gotten temporary wins; however most get overturned. Ultimately, the Left loses.

Most recently the Supreme Court overruled a lower court judge blocking President Trump’s use of military funds to build the wall. When the lower court judge ruled, the media vaped of their win over Trump.

However, Trump wasn’t dismayed. He just continued being Trumpian, ultimately getting the win. So instead of asking President Trump’s question of Conservatives, “How do you feel about winning,” I ask Leftists a different question.

“How does it feel to lose so much?!”

Because Trump kicks Leftist ass on the regular!

You can bet that Leftists never anticipated losing on so many issues and so many levels.

From the moment Donald Trump attacked the lax immigration policy, and demanded America stop importing gang members, drug dealers, human traffickers, and other criminals at our porous borders, the Democrats tried to demonize him.

Trump spoke the truth about real issues negatively impacting all aspects of America, and yet Democrats accused him of racism and xenophobia.

When Trump began kicking out notorious gang members, all of whom who had committed heinous crimes in America, Democrats decried the policy. One would have thought Trump was evicting nuns, to hear the cries of the Leftists.

Then Trump implemented the same policy banning some Muslim countries from immigration, and Democrats complained.

Next, Trump criticized NATO “partners” of America who refused to pay their fair share of our military bill. Democrats again complained.

It’s not like Trump changed the rules on NATO. These “partner” countries just refused to honor an existing agreement. What did the Democrats do when Trump demanded these countries pay up? The Democrats sided with the other countries.

But Trump stayed the course. And now NATO pays its bills.

Trump dropped bombs on ISIS, and Democrats joined the Islamic jihad. Some accused Trump of bombing women and children. It was a propaganda lie.

Trump then chastised the North Korean dictator, a man who ran roughshod over Barack Obama. Trump called him Fat Boy and spoke of his bigger button.

So, the Democrats accused Trump of saber-rattling, and warned that Trump would begin a nuclear war with the Third World sh*thole.

Today, North Korea is closer to entering the real world than the country has been in decades.

When Trump addressed the unbelievably abhorrent trade policy of Barack Obama–a policy that allowed America’s trade deficit to grow to almost $800 billion–the Left accused Trump of entering a trade war. The Left has an insane belief that America can lose a war where we have an $800 billion advantage.

Recall that Obama level-set with Americans that manufacturing jobs would not be returning to America. And he had evidence…his policies.

In Obama’s last year in office, he lost nearly 20,000 more manufacturing jobs. However, in Trump’s first two years, in the “trade war”, he reclaimed over 500,000 manufacturing jobs with more to follow.

While some Leftists want to credit the economic boom during Trump’s short tenure to Obama’s policies, they can’t argue against Obama’s own words.

At every trade summit, Trump has won. He established new, fair trade agreements that will undoubtedly bring a substantial piece of the $800 billion back to American manufacturers.

These wins for Trump and America are losses for Leftists.

Leftists bet on Barack Obama. They believed in their false god. He was supposed to help them win forever.

And Obama did all he could to stack the deck. He gave America the most egregious healthcare scam on the planet. But before he did that, Obama sold the idea of “green energy”, as payback to his many investors.

Each of those policies cost America billions, perhaps trillions. And the cost to undo them is a cross President Trump currently bears.

In short, Trump has defeated the calls of racism, sexism, Nazism, nationalism, and that’s just for starters.

While Democrats teach hatred of America, Trump brings America together as “one nation under God”. This is why Trump wins and Leftism finally met its match.


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