Democrats’ New Plot to Destroy Biden

Chinese Wuhan Virus quarantine gave Democrats time to reflect. And many see the writing on the wall. Trump will win easily in November with Captain Demento as their candidate.

After watching Biden stumble his way through a variety of soft toss interviews and still strike out, Democrats find themselves back to square one.

While Biden entered the race as an early odds on favorite, it didn’t take long for Democrats to abandon him. He began the race at 41 percent approval, but quickly began his downhill slide. When Democrats tasted the blood in the water, they went after Biden.

For the most part, Biden detractors believed they crushed his dream of ever being president. First, with allegations of racism.

Kamala Harris rose in stature after calling Biden out on his racist past. Cory Booker added to the cacophony.  However, she faded, and Booker never even smoldered.

The label of racist faded with Harris’ campaign, so the anti-Bidens drove another nail into Biden’s coffin. They accused Biden of sexual misconduct. Biden demonstrated sexual harassment in full public view, and there were Democrat women willing to say this publicly.

Moreover, many of the women running for president jumped on Biden for this. And Biden continued his fade into obscurity.

Sadly for the Democrats, two career-ending tactics were wasted.

Democrats soon found themselves supporting the man they earlier tried to derail. So afraid of Bernie Sanders’ ascension, Democrats scuttled their ship, then put Biden on a dingy and rowed to shore.

Then Chinese Wuhan Virus hit.

Part of their post-China Virus action is to figure out how to adjust to what will be a bad few months for Biden and Democrats.

Almost all Democrats put their butts on the line backing Captain Demento. And they all know their political lives are at stake.

Gabbard quit recently, after Biden won FL with little hoopla. She promptly fell in line. FL and other primaries are now a foregone conclusion. There remains one holdout.

Bernie Sanders hangs on like a lint on wool. Because he knows what’s coming. He’s smart enough to know that Biden will screw up. He will be the only one left in the race who actually ran.

Talk of Andrew Cuomo.

When Cuomo said he wouldn’t run, he left a crumb trail. The NY Post reported:

Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Monday suggested his decision on entering the presidential race is based on whether former Veep Joe Biden runs.

“We live our lives on a set of assumptions and a set of assumptions,” Cuomo said during an interview with Albany radio station WAMC.

“I have a set of assumptions as to who is going to run and what that means for this country. I’ve had conversations with people, obviously, and I think certain people are getting into the race and I’m making my assumptions on that.”

Cuomo has previously praised Biden, who has yet to declare his candidacy, saying he would make “the best case” as the party’s nominee. Cuomo later dialed that back, also heaping praise on New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand.

But Cuomo thinks he’d make a great candidate.

“I’m the uber progressive,” he said.

“Name the person who has gotten more things done than I have. Name a governor, name a senator, who has done more things than the state of New York. We need a progressive, reality-based party. We need someone who can actually get something done.”

Cuomo said he wouldn’t run if Biden runs. But will he run if Biden is deemed unfit?

I have no love lost for Biden. He’s lucid enough to know he shouldn’t be president, yet he’s running anyway. Just like his former boss. Incompetent, and Biden adds dementia to the equation.

So Democrats targeting him doesn’t bother me at all. Whether it’s the #MeToo shrews or the Bernie Bros, I say GET HIM! And his enabler wife.

Wouldn’t it be hysterical for Democrats to strategize to get rid of Sanders to avoid a brokered convention only to get a brokered convention?




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