Democrats Non-Excitement Over Biden

It’s interesting to watch and listen to Democrats describe the situation in their party.

Former Vice President, Creepy Joe Biden was to have no competition. As I’ve written many times, 2020 was to be HIS turn. Yet Biden did everything he could to blow his campaign. And from the start Biden slipped in the polls, so much so that many felt his campaign was doomed.

As Biden slipped in the polls, Comrade Bernie Sanders rose. Democrats overlooked Sanders, hoping one of the other more “reasonable” candidates would overtake the old coot. However, one by one these people lost momentum. Sanders hung on like a hair on a biscuit.

Sanders needed to be stopped.

Former Democrat strategist James Carville lost it in one interview, calling for the head of the DNC to be fired over his inability to crush Sanders. Other Democrats shared Carville’s angst.

They begged for new candidates, having given up on Biden. So imagine their surprise after Super Tuesday. Biden pulled a Lazarus and trounced Bernie Sanders. Suddenly, Biden was back in the game and Sanders had lost momentum for the first time in the 2020 race.

Now the problem for Democrats.

What should be a celebration for Biden and Democrats is more like relief they don’t have Sanders.

As The Daily Wire reported:

“After Joe Biden’s big night on Super Tuesday ― and Sen. Bernie Sanders’ less-than-expected performance in the multiple Democratic presidential primaries ― some House Democrats were high-fiving each other Wednesday. Literally,” the outlet reported Thursday, after speaking to a number of Democrats who watched the results together.

People were very happy,” Rep Juan Vargas (D-CA) said. “There was a huge sigh of relief.”

The party, Vargas added, had “come to our senses, you know? We’re not going to implode. We were all high-fiving. We’re all happy. Everyone’s excited today. It was a good night last night,”

“Thank God it’s not Bernie,” Vargas went on. “We just dodged a bullet ― a Bernie bullet.”

Thank God it’s not Bernie“?! That’s going to be their campaign slogan?

In other words, ANYBODY but Bernie!

That’s not exactly a ringing endorsement of Joe Biden, now is it.

“We dodged a bullet – a Bernie bullet.” Seriously.

I can only imagine the war room for the Democrats, as they contemplated their future with communist Bernie Sanders as a candidate. They perused the list of possible people to face President Trump, and began tossing candidates one by one. Finally, the horror of having to return to Creepy Joe Biden.

Joe Biden. The habitual liar who presided over every major accomplishment in American history. It won’t surprise me if Biden takes credit for killing Osama bin Laden at some point.

Biden’s campaign screams damaged goods; brain-damaged goods. And the Democrats know this. Laughingly, Joe Biden represents the Democrats last chance. He’s Hillary Clinton v2.0. And he must win if Democrats to complete the coup against President Trump.

I wouldn’t want to be the Democrat assigned to building a strategy for Biden. The debates.


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