Corona Concern: Do Cancelled Primaries Even Matter?

Georgia, Louisiana, and Ohio just postponed their primaries. But does it even matter?

We know how Trump’s performed so far. In fact, the Republicans don’t need a primary to know who’s crushing their numbers.

But now coronavirus concerns are shutting down the circus, and democrats don’t know what to do. Thus, I have a little advice for the left.

Democrats should certainly take the opportunity to lay low, at least when it comes to ballot boxes.

In fact, let’s look at the South Carolina primary. Republicans chose not to host an event. However, Democrats were pretty thrilled with their turnout.

In 2016 when eventual President Donald Trump ran, there were more than 737,000 people who voted in the Republican Presidential primary. That nearly doubled Democratic turnout that year.

This year, Democrats had 539,020 voters. More than in 2008, they brag.

What do you think Trump would have had, if the GOP decided to have the event? 800,000? More?

The Democrats had a crapload of candidates in 2020, and managed to surpass 2008 by only 7,000 votes? They claim this was at the height of Obama’s popularity, as if that was the litmus test. How many votes did Steyer buy in South Carolina?

After the South Carolina primary, President Trump tweeted:

“The Democrat Party is a field of lightweights in complete disarray.”

The president couldn’t be more right. Candidates that Democrats don’t even want. Ask Democrats who the front-runner is of their party, and you might as well teach a monkey to do Algebra.

With a win under his belt, supposed front-runner (retread) Biden got cocky and called out Bernie Sanders. That’s like Barry Manilow picking a fight with Liberace!

Biden won SC with just under 49 percent of the vote. A plurality, but not a majority. And though Sanders received roughly 20 percent, he remains in the mix. (35/13 delegates respectively)

Steyer left the race, but not before buying his way to just over 11 percent, eclipsing both Buttigieg and Warren who garnered 8 percent and 7 percent respectively.

Finally, after all the post-debate hoopla, all Klobachar managed was 3 percent.

A lot has changed since South Carolina. Democrat candidates are dropping like flies. Even Warren and Bloomberg quit the race, knowing they had absolutely no path to victory. So when coronavirus prompted officials to postpone this weeks primaries, I nearly laughed out loud. My only question is this. Does it even matter?

No Choice

Obviously, Democrats don’t have much to pick from. I’m willing to bet half of them step into the booth and play “eeny-meeny-miny-moe” to come up with a decision. It’s basically Biden vs. Sanders and those aren’t choices when you need a leader.

But thanks to the coronavirus, Democrats can buy some time by pretending it’s not safe to go in public. Of course, no one is going to crawl out of the wood work to run on the left’s ticket. But at least they can postpone the embarrassment of declaring Biden the winner.








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