Leftist Explains: Enthusiasm Gap HELPS Biden

You know things are bad when people tell you that a lack of enthusiasm for your campaign is called a “GOOD THING!”

And that’s just what Tiana Lowe wrote at MSN.

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll has confirmed what the political commentariat has long suspected: Democrats who previously elected our first black president and then the first female nominee aren’t terribly excited about voting for the 77-year-old Joe Biden.

Whereas 86% of registered Trump supporters polled reported being enthusiastic, just 74% of Biden’s registered supporters said the same. More stark is the breakdown. Among Trump supporters, 55% reported being “very” enthusiastic, and 32% “somewhat so.” For Biden, those figures were nearly reversed, with just 28% of his enthusiastic supporters claiming they were “very” enthusiastic and 46% saying they were “somewhat so.”

That’s not great news for Biden, but it still might not matter when it comes to Election Day.

At least she left herself some wiggle room, writing “it still may not matter…”

Or it might!

In 2016 all Donald Trump had was enthusiasm. Because he certainly didn’t have the polls. Almost every poll had Trump losing, yet Trump filled arenas all over America with, wait for it…enthusiastic crowds.

Democrats told Americans that Trump’s crowd were not an indicator of people’s excitement over the candidate. Instead, the electorate was merely interested in the train wreck.

And then the Trump Train ran smack over Hillary Clinton. Thus killing the hope and change Democrats needed to continue screwing America.

As for how Biden’s lack of enthusiasm plays in his favor, the article continues:

For starters, the Washington Post noted that Mitt Romney, John McCain, and John Kerry, who all had enthusiasm deficits halfway through their general election years, managed to narrow their gaps by November — although yes, all three did lose. Democrats have disproportionately reported “beating Trump” as their highest priority this year, and they probably won’t let Biden’s ordinary-ness get in their way of showing up to vote.

With the coronavirus shutting down the country, even the most partisan and political of people are probably thinking more about their own lives than the presidential election. The pandemic has robbed Biden, who’s clinched a nearly insurmountable lead over Bernie Sanders, of a chance to clinch the Democratic nomination de jure and declare himself the nominee.

I think I just read two more reasons as to why Biden will get his ass kicked in the general election. That’s even if he is the Democrats’ choice.

See what I wrote about Cuomo (Brutus) lurking in the shadows of the Senate chambers. Et tu, Brute!

What is this writer smoking? She chooses three previous presidential losers and marvels at how they “narrow their gaps”. Then she picks a virus that practically removed Biden from the news cycle–a God-send for him, by the way.

The Chinese Wuhan Virus took all the momentum from the Democrats and shifted it to Donald Trump. And if you believe the Siena College (paid for by Cuomo?) poll, {Brutus} has an 87 percent approval of New Yorkers in his handling of the crisis.

Sorry, but no gain for Biden here.

She continues making a case for the lack of enthusiasm for Creepy Joe as it relates to the Chinese Wuhan Virus:

Furthermore, Biden has made a calculated decision not to weaponize the coronavirus crisis. Although he has enlisted a shadow cabinet of sorts to critique Trump’s handling of the pandemic publicly, Biden’s own criticism of Trump has followed the narrative of his campaign, focusing on Trump’s personal penchant for lying without vilifying the entire Republican Party. And even Chuck Todd tried to goad Biden into claiming Trump had “blood” on his hands, Biden refused to take the bait.

That’s the honorable and right response to such a question — and also not one geared at galvanizing one’s political base.

Let’s be clear; Biden makes no calculated decision. He suffers from dementia, and is incapable of coherence. If anybody calculated anything in the Biden household, it’s Dr. Jill Biden. She’s the one who won’t let her brain-dead husband call it quits. Another story for another day.

Back to Biden’s lack of enthusiasm and how the math will help.

Furthermore, even if Biden maintains something of an enthusiasm gap, it may not matter as a pure issue of mathematics. Bernie Bros in San Francisco and Bushwick may loathe Biden and feel no interest in voting for him, but they’ll never vote for Trump. And the suburban women who flipped the House in 2018 may not love Biden, but they might turn out in greater numbers for him than they did for Hillary Clinton, the most divisive woman among women in politics.

After all, even as general election polling tightens as it usually does with an incumbent, Biden has retained his dominance over Trump in swing states and counties where Trump and Clinton were within 10 points of each other in 2016.

So the lack of enthusiasm will register in Bernie voters not voting for Trump?

Polls show that 15 percent of Bernie supporters will vote for Trump. Last election 12 percent of Sanders supporters voted for Trump.

And her next logic thread is that women who hated Hillary Clinton will turn out in larger numbers to vote against Trump. Really?

Clearly, this woman hopes on hope that Biden can catch fire. Trust me, he won’t. Biden is a wet wick, and his candle will never light.

The reason for the lack of enthusiasm for Biden can be summarized in two words: Joe Biden.

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