Fallacy of the South Carolina Black Vote REVEALED

Former Vice President Creepy Joe Biden won South Carolina big. Supposedly it was the black vote that propelled his resurgence to front-runner status.

But it’s what the media didn’t tell you about Biden that showcases Democrats real problem with the black vote. 

Politico brags about Biden’s numbers among blacks, with an article titled: “Why Biden’s rivals can’t break his block on black voters”.

Polling by The Washington Post and Ipsos released a week ago found Biden at 48 percent with black voters nationally, compared with Sanders at 20 percent and Warren at 9 percent. Buttigieg received only 2 percent support among black voters, less than the 4 percent who back former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg. A recent Fox News poll of South Carolina had Biden with 43 percent among black voters in the state, trailed by billionaire Tom Steyer at 16 percent. (They also finished one-two overall among Democratic primary voters.)

Understand that according these numbers, the top three vote-getters didn’t do better than either Obama or Clinton in their respective primaries.

As NBC News reported, Biden’s numbers pale in comparison to both:

“Most black voters have only had two choices in recent Democratic primary history, and so it’s a lot easier to consolidate when there are two choices and one is clearly better than the other than when there are seven choices and you feel the same about all of them,” said Addisu Demissie, who was Booker’s campaign manager.

“Obama and Clinton both had unique strong historical appeal among black voters,” he said of candidates who each won more than 80 percent of the African American electorate in the state. “I do not think there are any candidates in the race right now who have that same level of affinity, and Biden is the closest.”

Not exactly numbers to brag about. Maybe Democrats can fudge the numbers?

Here’s what Vox reported about Biden’s numbers.

Biden won the South Carolina primary handily, with almost half of all votes. And he led by even more among African American voters, winning 61 percent of the black vote, placing him 44 percentage points ahead of his competitors for that key demographic, according to an exit poll from the Washington Post. His closest competitor among black voters, Sen. Bernie Sanders, received just 17 percent of that vote.

Ok, let’s run with these numbers. Still 61 percent is a far cry from 80 percent. If my math is correct, then 19 percent fewer blacks voted for the presumed front-runner than in previous primaries featuring Obama and Clinton.

19 points. Where did they go?

Before I answer that question, consider that Biden just isn’t bringing the numbers. Period.

Black people aren’t interested in Biden. And the Democrats’ vitriol and attempted coups against Trump haven’t helped their cause.

Back to the answer to the question.

The 19 percent have moved to President Trump. And I’m happy to report that our organization plays a part in that movement.

We’ve highlighted issues important to the black electorate; issues like criminal justice reform and school choice.

Further, our team showcases regularly the hypocrisies of the Left with messaging and marketing. We educate blacks regularly on the inconsistencies in Democrats’ policies, moreover, the results for blacks after decades of support for Democrats.

Biden’s numbers with blacks should worry Democrats. But they ignore facts, in search of a Hail Mary to beat President Trump. Rest assured, no Hail Mary can save the Democrats. The game isn’t that close.





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