Leftists Intentionally Panicking Americans with Headlines

Kathy Griffin cut in line to get tested for Chinese Wuhan Virus. As it turns out, she got Montezuma’s Revenge. Just a bout of diarrhea, courtesy of drinking Mexican water during a recent trip.

Don’t let that stop Griffin from seeking publicity about her self-inflicted sickness. Then blaming who else…President Trump.

And that’s what Leftists want to do. Blame Trump. But they don’t want to just blame the man, they need to create a panic, then blame him.

Read the media’s fake news stories on the Chinese Wuhan Virus, or what they propagandize as COVID-19, and you get gloom and doom. For example, one headline read, “US has surpassed China in outbreaks”.

How do we know this? The Chinese told us. They claim that their Chinese Wuhan Virus cases have all but disappeared, and that hospitals are empty.

Do tell, Chinese. If you have a cure, then please share it with the rest of the world you infected.

Pardon me if I don’t believe this lie. I came to this conclusion based on my superpower of COMMON SENSE!

China and Italy have more deaths than America, but we have more cases. With a disease where 98.6 percent of the people recover?

And what of the “war zones” that Governor Cuomo said exists at New York City hospitals?

In this tweet, Todd Stearns shot video of the “war zone” at the hospital in his neighborhood:

I’ve looked and looked and looked, and while I really don’t want to make light of a serious situation, or disregard anyone suffering, I’m not seeing anywhere near the chaos, overrun hospitals, bed shortages or anything the media has been trying to get us to believe. https://twitter.com/toddstarnes/status/1243948364695298050 


The “war zone” that doesn’t exist. But don’t let that stop the Leftist propaganda machine from spreading lies.

The next headline read, “Coronavirus deaths doubled in one day in America!”.

Suddenly, deaths have reached exponential proportion in America. But not anywhere else in the world. And with the Chinese now reporting NO cases of the dreaded “pandemic”, aka Chinese Wuhan Virus?

Funny how the media doesn’t report about the number of people who have survived?

We have quite a few notables who contracted the Chinese Wuhan Virus, and yet I’ve only seen one report of a notable death. (Country Music star, Joe Diffie, passed away 3/29/20 of coronavirus. He was 61 years old.)

One would think Leftists would be cheering for Tom Hanks and his wife to die, just to PROVE THE POINT! Wouldn’t that be the right thing to do to help drive home the point that Trump is a bad president?! Take one for the TEAM, Tom!

Not long ago we had no facemasks or ventilators? The SEIU found millions of facemasks and now made them ready to sell for 400 percent markup. Thus, leftists no longer talk about either facemasks or ventilators, now that they are in mass supply.

And what of testing? How many media outlets now discuss testing? None. Because the U.S. now leads the world in testing.

Finally, does the media discuss the areas of the U.S. that have virtually no Chinese Wuhan Virus cases or deaths?

As Matt Walsh tweeted, the real cost of this fake news “pandemic” can be felt in the loss of human life elsewhere.

Knox County mayor in Tennessee says his area has seen 9 suicides in just the last two days. Portland police reported a 23 percent increase in suicide related calls in the first week of lockdowns. Stop pretending that destroying people’s livelihoods has no fatality rate of its own

Anybody think Leftists will offer the death count of the people so scared they took their own lives?

The Left profit on fear. And Trump is bad for business. Because Trump alleviates Americans’ fear.

He rid Americans of the fear of hospitalization by decimating Obamacare; the worst insurance ever. An insurance FORCED on all Americans. Trump returned sanity to healthcare coverage, and put money back in the pockets of Americans being fleeced by Obama’s albatross non-coverage.

Next, President Trump tackled Obama’s anemic, treasury-emptying economy. Using his magic wand, Trump brought manufacturing and other high-paying jobs back to America. He lowered unemployment to the lowest ever for many groups. Trump alleviated the fear of unemployment by creating jobs, job security, and job mobility.

Trump’s tax cuts provided companies with more return on investment. Many invested in their employees. Morale went through the roof, as people had more money and more free time to spend with family and friends.

Democrats revolted against this good news. So they needed something to torpedo the economy. And if the Chinese helped with destroying the spirit of Americans, Leftists welcomed it.

Democrats should be ashamed of their actions, except they have no shame. Politicizing an event where ALL Americans should come together.

Ask yourself, “What if this were a biological attack on Americans by China? How would Democrats feel?”.

Answer: the same

Leftists HATE this country because they didn’t get their leader elected. And the person they want to elect publicly declared he wouldn’t have issued travel bans from China and Europe. So exactly who would he help?


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