Mini Mike Bloomberg STIFFS His Staff

In what might sound like a bad porn movie, Mini Mike Bloomberg stiffed his staff. Then he shafted his staff.

Perhaps now we see how Bloomberg amassed his wealth?

Politico reported:

Mike Bloomberg’s shuttered presidential campaign is dismissing staffers across the country and inviting them to reapply for jobs on his new independent committee — despite extending guarantees of being paid through the November election when they were hired.

The consolation prize: They get to keep their Bloomberg-issued iPhones and MacBooks.

Reapply? Why should they need to do that?

How about reassign, or pay me my “going away” money.

The article continues,

Multiple Bloomberg aides told POLITICO they participated in termination calls with the campaign on Monday. Some of them complained after the calls that they were originally told they would be paid by Bloomberg though the November general election regardless of whether he remained in the race. Most staffers will receive their last paycheck on March 31, sources said.

It’s not like Bloomberg needs the money. He’s supposedly worth over $55 billion. So $700 million is still a drop in the bucket for him. So why get chintzy now?

According to hiring materials from Bloomberg headquarters, he paid field organizers with “Team Bloomberg” $6,000 a month, plus a $5,000 relocation stipend and full health, dental and vision benefits, through November. Just because Bloomberg wussed out of the campaign doesn’t mean he should renege on his agreement.

Maybe Bloomberg figured out what it will take to get Joe Biden elected? Let’s all say it together: “More money than God has!”

Or maybe Bloomberg spent too much money buying Nancy Pelosi the position of Speaker of the House? If indeed he did this as he alluded, the Democrats certainly didn’t do Bloomberg any favors. As for Bloomberg’s employees, I hope a few of them have the guts to sue him.

Imagine if the Trump campaign pulled such a stunt. You wouldn’t even know what the coronavirus was, the media would demonize Trump so badly.


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