Politico Tries to Provide Cover for Biden’s Dementia

Leftists want to pull a fast one. They know what lies ahead for Biden because of his “diminished capacity”.

So now they try to mitigate things by lumping Trump in with him.

Politico tweeted:

The two people most likely to control the U.S nuclear arsenal through January 2025 are both well into their seventies and facing pervasive public speculation that they are becoming senile

2020 is suddenly becoming the Dementia Campaign? That’s certainly how Leftists would love to play it.

The Politico article continues,

President Donald Trump’s own public blunders—saying that his father was born in Germany when it was really his grandfather or referring to Apple CEO Tim Cook as “Tim Apple”—have prompted commentary throughout his term questioning whether his cognitive faculties are deteriorating.

Really? That’s the comparison to the 10 gaffes Biden made in the past week?! But Leftists have two problems trying to paint President Trump as demented.


If Trump is demented, then sign me up for a dose.

Interestingly, as The Intercept wrote, Republicans are not to blame for the questions regarding Biden’s sanity:

IT IS VIRTUALLY REQUIRED in Democratic Party politics to periodically express revulsion about the bigoted political attacks wielded for years against former President Barack Obama: images designed to emphasize his African roots, false claims he was Muslim, the campaign of de-legitimacy based in the racist allegation that he was born in Kenya.

But that mandated Party denunciation often obscures the undeniable fact. While Republicans seized on and drove them — all of those attacks also emanated from within the Party. Particularly from the 2008 Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, which employed them to try to sink Obama’s rival presidential candidacy. In February, 2008, Clinton campaign officials widely circulated a photo of Obama meeting with tribal elders while dressed in Somali garb on a trip to rural Kenya, an act which Obama’s campaign chief David Plouffe angrily denounced as “the most shameful, offensive fear-mongering we’ve seen from either party in this election.”


In other words, the very attacks Democrats with virtual unanimity today vilify as disgusting, racist smears emanated from their party. Either from the Clinton campaign itself (maliciously spreading the photo of Obama in Kenya in traditional Somalian clothing and suggesting he is Muslim) or from various Clinton supporters (falsely claiming he was not eligible to run for office).

And now they are doing the exact same thing when it comes to plainly valid questions concerning Joe Biden’s cognitive fitness: expressing revulsion and scorn at the mere mention of these questions. Then declaring the topic off-limits to all decent people even though establishment Democrats were the ones who first spread insinuations and even explicit accusations about Biden’s cognitive decline when they thought doing so could help them defeat him and/or because it genuinely concerned them regarding his ability to defeat Trump.

Indeed it was the Democrats who alluded to Creepy Joe’s brain issues.

And they were right to do so. But then Biden disappeared into obscurity.

Sadly for Democrats, the worst of their candidates almost put the old jackass out to pasture. Democrats saw red when Bernie Sanders was tagged as the front-runner. So, they pulled a Tonya Harding, and metaphorically “Gilloolied” Sanders’ knees with a bat.

As the article suggests, Biden surged…with a little help from his goons.

PRIOR TO JOE BIDEN’S MASSIVE VICTORY in the South Carolina primary and his even-more impressive Super Tuesday showing, many viewed his candidacy as all but dead. A fourth-place finish in Iowa was followed up by a fifth-place finish in New Hampshire, causing the corporate donors on which he centrally relies to flee and his political obituaries to be widely written.

But since then, he has consolidated his status as Democratic front-runner. And, as is customary, he is receiving far greater attention than previously, particularly on the question most on the minds of Democratic voters: his “electability” against Trump. And one of the towering questions in that regard is his cognitive fitness: it is visible to the naked eye that the 77-year-old six-term Senator and two-term Vice President is in serious cognitive decline.

Anybody think Trump will fade?

Democrats certainly hope so. But as I’ve said on my radio show, Trump ages backwards.

Biden will continue to deteriorate, quickly. Unlike Bernie Sanders, et al, Trump will highlight Biden’s brain damage, and show Democrats for whom they really are. Desperate.

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