Poll: GOP Will WIN BACK the House

Democrats face an uphill climb. The 2020 election resembles ascending Mount Everest with no Sherpa and no oxygen. In other words, Democrats can’t win.

That won’t stop them from trying, however. And they will get the same news they get every time: Trump is winning.

Even with all the BS being tried by Democrats on the Wuhan virus, Trump reigns supreme.  And his impact influences down-ticket, as Fox News notes in its latest poll:

Republicans in Congress have a higher approval rating than their Democratic counterparts, according to a new national poll.

A Gallup survey released this week indicates that 40 percent of Americans give Republicans in Congress a thumbs up on the job they’re doing. That’s a jump of 6 percentage points since Gallup’s last poll – which was conducted in late October before the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives impeached President Trump. The Republican president was acquitted by the GOP majority in the Senate in early February.

Amazing numbers when you consider typical Congressional ratings.

During the Era of Obama, Congress polled less than 20 percent approval much of the time.

Check out this Gallup poll, titled: Congress Job Approval Jumps to 28%, Highest Since 2009.

Congressional job approval jumped to 28% this month from 19% in January. This is the largest month-to-month increase since a 12-percentage-point rise between January 2009, when former President Barack Obama was first inaugurated, and February 2009. The current 28% job approval rating is the highest since early fall 2009 and is close to Gallup’s historical average (30%). The increase comes after Donald Trump’s inauguration as president gave Republicans control of the presidency and both houses of Congress.

Under Obama, congressional approval was at a whopping 19 percent. Under Trump it rose to 28 percent.

Now Republicans find themselves at 40 percent approval. That’s not good news for Democrats. But it gets worse.

Under Trump, Democrats in Congress got good grades. But now their fortunes fade.

The poll shows that the approval rating for Democrats in Congress edged down from 38 percent in October to 35 percent in the new survey.

Why are Republicans doing so well? Debunking Russian collusion. Democrats’ screwing the pooch on impeachment. Democrat overreaching on the Wuhan virus, and about everything else. Perhaps these and other factors contributed.

The article explains Republican support of the party versus that of Democrats.

A 13-point surge in positive views by Republicans and Republican leaners was the major reason for the overall approval rating spike for GOP members of Congress. At the same time, positive views of congressional Democrats by Democratic voters and those who lean toward the party edged up an insignificant 1 point.

In other words, Republicans continue to strengthen their backbones, as we no longer believe the fake news media nor do we pay attention to the whining of Leftists.


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