Surprise: Disgraced Democrat Andrew Gillum Going to REHAB

Do they have rehab for being butt-naked with a male prostitute from Because that’s the rehab former Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum needs.

However, Gillum apparently only believes he has an alcohol problem. Yahoo news reported,

Days after police say they found him in a South Beach hotel room with a collapsed companion and baggies of crystal meth, former Florida gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum announced plans Sunday night to enter rehab for alcohol abuse and step away from the spotlight.

Gillum said in a statement:

“After conversation with my family and deep reflection, I have made the decision to seek help, guidance and enter a rehabilitation facility at this time. I now need to firmly focus on myself and my family. I will be stepping down from all public facing roles for the foreseeable future.”

So predictable, these Leftists. Rehab. Then focus on the family.

As I wrote at the time of Gillum’s incident with the male hooker he described as his “friend”, I’d love to hear how he explained this to Jai Gillum, his wife.

In the Miami Beach police report of the incident, police responded to an overdose call at the South Beach Mondrian early Friday morning. When they arrived, they found Gillum in a hotel room at the hotel with two other men. Gillum was reportedly too chemically-impaired to talk. At the scene Police found three bags of suspected crystal meth on the bed and on the floor.

It’s been reported that Gillum was found butt-naked in the room, and blood and feces were found in the bed sheets. I know…right. Let’s see if the press seizes on this part of the story and expounds? {Jeopardy music}

Interestingly, police didn’t administer a blood test on Gillum. Or a rape kit. I mean, if you find blood and feces on the sheets and Gillum was drunk, perhaps whatever happened wasn’t consensual?

Drugs in room and evidence of sex, but no arrests? Who did the drugs belong to? According to Gillum, the meth belonged to…Donald Trump! Ok, he didn’t say that; but he denied using meth.

Gillum claimed he got drunk at a wedding.

And what an interesting drunk he is to end up butt-naked in a hotel room with a male escort and three bags of crystal meth. Was any K-Y Jelly found on scene? Asking for a friend…

So off to rehab to work on his drinking issue. Though no other reports of Gillum drinking have surfaced. In other words, rehab for a one-time episode seems extreme. If Gillum had a drinking problem, why were Democrats asking him to run the state of Florida?

Playing devil’s advocate a bit further, I wonder what former gubernatorial candidates do you know who get publicly drunk at weddings? Or anywhere else for that matter.

What about that wedding?

Nobody can find details of this South Florida wedding. Did any “journalist” even bother to look for any weddings in the area. One would think a wedding where a potential governor would attend would be fairly significant news, and thus information easy to corroborate.

Perhaps somebody could ask Gillum’s {ahem…} wife if she knew of this wedding?

I dare you to Google this story and see how much press it’s getting. Imagine if a prominent Republican gubernatorial candidate were caught butt-naked in a hotel room with a male “friend” who has a profile on and 3 bags of meth?!

Undoubtedly, if Donald Trump Jr was caught under these circumstances, we wouldn’t know what coronavirus was. Obviously the press would be hammering this story. Because we know how much the media likes covering high-profile politicians who have crackhead sons.

Maybe there’s still some hope. Gillum can sit on the board of a Ukrainian company and make $3 million fast bucks. Or he could take the Jesse Jackson Jr rout and we find out that he bought Rolex watches with campaign funds.

No harm, no foul. When you’re a Democrat.

Let’s hope rehab helps Gillum deal with his “alcoholism”.


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