Surprise: You’ve Survived the Coronavirus

If you’re reading this, then you obviously survived the coronavirus. Given all the hysteria, who knew we would all be alive today. After all, it’s been what…a week? Two?

I traveled by air over the past few days, and you couldn’t pass a TV in the airport without seeing “coronavirus” on CNN. The coronavirus News Network. I truly felt lucky to be alive.

As I considered my good fortune, I wondered how I had survived exactly. I thought,

“How am I alive? And with no white man by my side to help me through this!”.

I quickly got over my guilt. After all, I am a benefactor of white people’s works, so that counts for something with Leftists. I believe it was mostly white people who mapped the human genome and fight heinous diseases every day.

Arrogant virologists who fight scourges like Ebola, Hanta, and various versions of the FLU.  And what of that flu? A virus that has killed more people in history than most plagues. I’ve avoided these diseases up to now. And now I must fight the dreaded CORONAVIRUS.

I’ve noticed the coverage of this virus, since President Trump’s stellar response.

The president recommended immediate quarantine of flights from China. He then took other preventative measures to keep Americans safe. Because of this, fewer deaths have occurred than would undoubtedly would have have.

Chuck Schumer commented on the president’s actions, tweeting:

The premature travel ban to and from China by the current administration is just an excuse to further his ongoing war against immigrants. There must be a check and Balance (sic) on these restrictions.

Schumer’s politicization of immigration could have gotten many more Americans killed. So the president ignoring Congress actually saved lives!

Ironically, if Obama had recommended the very same precautionary measures of President Trump, Schumer would have hailed the Obama as a hero. Instead, Schumer’s hatred of President Trump turned him into a political madman, incapable of objectivity.

So Democrats Democrats fear-monger.

They preach of global cooling, global warming, holes in the ozone, Y2K, and net neutrality, to name a few. Leftists predicted the extinction of polar bears, baby seals, varieties of whales, the depletion of the Amazon rain forest, and flooding of global coastlines.

When none of that occurred, they forewarned Americans about the election of Trump. Democrats predicted that Trump’s election would devastate the American economy. The opposite happened.

President Trump removed America from the Paris Climate accord, and Leftist AOC predicted we have 12 years left on Earth!

SCARE SCARE SCARE. Below is a list of the scares over the years:

2002 West Nile virus

2004 SARS

2005 Bird Flu

2009 Swine Flu

2014 Ebola

2016 Zika

2020 Coronavirus

Corona is different in how it was released. Was it a Chinese bio-weapon accidentally released? Who knows.

The timing is suspect. But that could simply be just what it is…timing. Regardless, the level of alarm is disproportional to the disease.

One article I read compared the coronavirus to a pandemic from the early 1900’s. Unfair in many ways.

First, medicine then versus medicine now. Second, information distribution then versus information distribution now. Clearly, what should scare any American is Democrats controlling anything.

As for me, well I’m not worried. I had a bit of a cough before leaving my home. I actually found it humorous, particularly since I looked at everybody who coughed with suspicion.

I’ve been back for 14 days, but I’m betting I don’t have the coronavirus. Just the same old cough from when I left.

Admittedly, I am still hoping to get that white person assigned to keep me safe in this crazy place called America. As Leftists constantly point out, America is not safe for black people.

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