Trump MOCKS Leftists With Latest Chinese Wuhan Virus Development

When will Leftists realize that President Trump is about solutions. You give the man a problem and he will solve it.

So when Democrats plotted with China to make a mountain out of a mole hill on the Chinese Wuhan Virus, Trump scoffed. He called the ploy what it is…a hoax.

Certainly the Chinese Wuhan Virus was real. But the hoopla surrounding it played out as pure fiction.

Democrats intentionally amped up America and the world in hopes of deposing President Trump.

I watched as Democrats shifted strategy from the number of deaths caused by the Chinese Wuhan Virus to the number of tests the U.S. performed.

The strategy shift was needed because not enough people actually died from the virus. Thus, Democrats decided to make President Trump pay for any deaths.

So what that the Chinese Wuhan Virus will ultimately kill far fewer people than H1N1, the virus Obama let get out of hand? That virus infected over 50 million Americans. 300,000 were hospitalized, and ultimately over 12,000 people died. But I don’t recall a single request for testing.

President Trump has this crisis in check, despite protestations by the Left otherwise. Leftist rags write of “Phase II of the outbreak”, actually hoping the ginned up “crisis” continues.

Many Leftists declared Trump a liar when he said America will offer testing soon, and that a cure was being tested. They claimed that neither was possible given the red tape of the FDA.

And Trump made fools of them again.

Much to the chagrin of Leftists who wanted to use “testing” as the new litmus test of Trump’s battle against the Chinese Wuhan Virus, they must find a new plan of attack. As The Street reported,

Abbott Laboratories  (ABT) – Get Report received emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for a coronavirus test that the company said can deliver positive results in as little as five minutes and negative results in 13 minutes.

In a press release, Abbott said the test can be used outside a hospital setting such as a doctor’s office or at an urgent care clinic.

The company said it plans to deliver 50,000 of the ID NOW Covid-19 tests per day, beginning next week.

“Through the incredible work of teams across Abbott, we expect to deliver 50,000 Covid-19 tests per day to healthcare professionals on the front lines, where testing capabilities are needed most,” said Chris Scoggins, senior vice president at the Rapid Diagnostics division of Abbott. “Portable molecular testing expands the country’s capacity to get people answers faster.”

Abbott said in its statement that the test hasn’t been cleared or approved by the FDA but it “has been authorized by the FDA under an emergency use authorization for use by authorized laboratories and patient care settings.”

A test. And perhaps even a cure.

What a coup for President Trump. Saving lives. Unlike his predecessor who reacted late.

Obama didn’t seem to care about American lives during the time of H1N1. I haven’t spoken to anyone alive at the time who noticed even a hint of paranoia around H1N1. It’s as if it never happened, and it was far more deadly than the Chinese Wuhan Virus.

What’s left for the Leftists?

SEIU miraculously found 39 million facemasks. No shortage of ventilators. And now a test and a cure? We may be back to normal by Easter, just as President Trump said, triggering Leftists yet again.

Now let’s look at what will happen.

3.3 million people will go back to work. So the president will preside over the largest single month of employment in American, perhaps world history.

Most of the people returning to work will have been given “bridge” money to weather the man-made storm. They will credit the president, and not Congress for their ability to pay bills.

After that, the stock market will return to normal. Correction: Trump normal.

Already the DOW set another single day gain, over 2100. Then there were 3 days in a row of gains. Expect more of this.

The economy took a temporary hit. Regardless, the overall GDP will remain ahead of Obama-era neglect. The GDP for the following quarter will be even bigger than it would have been prior to the Chinese Wuhan Virus. People will put that bridge money back into the economy.

Ultimately, Trump thwarts the Democrats and wins re-election. When this happens, Democrats will experience the horseman of the apocalypse. Trump knows he will have 4 more years to get America back on track. Further, he knows he will need to de-fang this government, clearing the deck for the next president.







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