Joe ‘Fingers’ Biden: Fundraising Woes Continue for Democrats

Joe ‘Fingers’ Biden has a mountain to climb now that he’s the Democrats’ new champion. If Captain Demento plans on beating President Trump, I suggest he begin with fundraising.

Throughout the entirety of the 2020 campaign, President Trump has been a fundraising juggernaut. And that’s without really trying. A shoo-in for the Republican nomination, Trump just remained Trump.

Democrats on the other hand slugged it out with each other. And at one point, crooked Joe Biden looked hopeless. Then the other worthless Democrat candidates simply folded one by one. The problem is, the Party of Lynching of Negroes spent a lot of money to circle back and settle on Joey Fingers.

Democrats are broke. Here’s what I wrote recently about the Democrats’ spending:

Doing the math, in the month of March Team Trump raised more money ($218 million) than Democrats did in the previous two months. And Trump’s team did this during a pandemic.

Still problems worsen for Democrats as NBC reported.

A joint committee could also be a boost to the DNC, because, while it has raised over $115 million in the 2020 election cycle, the organization only has $14 million on hand. Its last Federal Election Commission filing shows the committee is $6 million in debt.

Ouch. All that money raised and nothing left to spend. Is this really who Americans want running the country? A group who can’t balance its own checkbook wants to take on the nation’s?

Biden finds himself behind the 8-ball.

According to the New York Times, Biden begins the general election $187 million behind President Trump.

Joseph R. Biden Jr. and the Democratic Party could raise almost $1 million every single day between now and November, and he would still barely catch up to what President Trump and the Republican Party had in the bank at the start of April — let alone what Mr. Trump will have by Election Day.

New fund-raising figures released late Monday show the depth of the financial hole in which Mr. Biden finds himself at the start of the general election campaign: The presumptive Democratic nominee and his party are nearly $187 million behind the Republican National Committee and Mr. Trump, who has spent the last three years stockpiling his huge war chest.

Trump did something clever the day he was sworn in as president in 2016. His team set up the Trump re-election campaign.

Breaking precedent, President Trump changes the way political opponents engage with his policies.

In a brilliantly strategic move, President Donald Trump declared his intention to run for reelection in 2020, five hours after being sworn into office. Trump 2020 is already underway.

They even made sure the paperwork was in order.

In a letter to the Federal Election Commission (FEC) on January 20, 2017, President Trump signaled his intention to run for reelection in the 2020 election cycle.

So Trump played the long game, and began amassing his war chest far in advance of the Democrats. And because the Democrats sailed on a rudderless ship, it took them a year to settle on the worst possible candidate.

Further, while finally committing to Joe Feckless, 20+ Democrat candidates easily blew through almost a billion dollars. Meanwhile, President Trump kept fundraising and strategically, surgically setting up shop in all the battleground states and counties.

The NY Times article continues,

The sheer size of Mr. Trump’s early advantage creates a unique set of financial and political pressures for Mr. Biden. He must find ways to both expand his appeal to small online contributors and attract huge seven- and eight-figure checks to the outside super PACs supporting him — all while sheltered in his Delaware home because of the coronavirus.

I’m curious how Biden will accomplish either task. Biden has no appeal. He’s certainly no 2008 Obama. But that’s not fair, because neither is Obama. Obama’s fall from grace impacted all Democrats. And that fall will continue, as the Trump administration reveals Obama-era corruption drip by drip.

Things are so bad for Biden that one writer theorized a lack of enthusiasm for Biden was a good thing.

Tiana Lowe wrote at MSN.

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll has confirmed what the political commentariat has long suspected: Democrats who previously elected our first black president and then the first female nominee aren’t terribly excited about voting for the 77-year-old Joe Biden.

Whereas 86% of registered Trump supporters polled reported being enthusiastic, just 74% of Biden’s registered supporters said the same. More stark is the breakdown. Among Trump supporters, 55% reported being “very” enthusiastic, and 32% “somewhat so.” For Biden, those figures were nearly reversed, with just 28% of his enthusiastic supporters claiming they were “very” enthusiastic and 46% saying they were “somewhat so.”

That’s not great news for Biden, but it still might not matter when it comes to Election Day.

File this under, “You can’t make this sh*t up!”.

Worse, Biden dare not make public appearances. Even at private fundraisers with rich fat cats, Biden needs his wife and handler Jill Biden by his side at all times. Give Biden two minutes to speak, and he will showcase his dementia front and center. Soon Biden won’t be able to hide his diminished capacity even in soundbites.

I quote myself in saying now Biden no longer produces intermittent gaffe. He makes gaffe after gaffe on top of other gaffes, creating gaffe orgies every time he appears in public. Biden is a Gaffe-A-Palooza.

Watch the numbers. Because Trump won’t have any problem fundraising, even in the time of the dreaded Chinese Wuhan Virus. But Biden will.

Further, Trump won’t have any trouble reaching people during lockdown or any other time. His campaign stands ready for the battles and the war. And as Trump would say, “We’re WINNING!”.



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