Biden Says He Needs More Money

It doesn’t matter how much money Joey “Fingers” Biden raises. Because he can’t beat Donald Trump.

Biden can rest on the fact that no other Democrat could either, including both Obamas.

Regardless, Biden must put up a good fight. And political fights from lightweights need lots of money. That’s why Hillary Clinton outspent Donald Trump almost 2-to-1, only to lose. Despite having the entirety of the Obama administration behind her, specifically the Department of Treason Justice, Clinton lost.

So, Hillary needed over a $1 billion back then just to keep up. Biden needs at least twice that much just to save face.

Let the begging begin.

Biden tweeted:

In March alone, this campaign raised $46.7 million, with 70% from online donations. This virus has changed our campaign. But it hasn’t changed the unwavering support we’ve gotten from all of you. Together, we’re going to defeat Trump. Help keep us going:

Congratulations to Team Biden for fundraising for a useless cause. But plugs will be just a bit short.

If Biden’s team raises $50 million each month from now until the election, he will raise about $350 million. But what will Trump raise during this same period?

Therein lies Biden’s other problem. Trump is a fundraising juggernaut.

CNN must have hated reporting this:

President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign and the Republican National Committee raised more than $212 million in the first quarter of 2020. While the numbers are still strong, the campaign did see a dip in how much it raised in March as the coronavirus outbreak swept across the nation.

The campaign brought in $63 million in March compared to the $86 million raised in February.

The Trump campaign took a dip and still outraised Biden $63 million to $47 million. And what about the Feb numbers? No wonder Democrats decided to hype up a fake pandemic!

At the end of Feb, Trump had raised $178 million and had over $98 million in the bank, while Biden reported having $26 million. Worse for Biden is the spend.

Trump has spent $98 million and Biden $108 million.

Here’s what WaPo reported in Jan.

President Trump’s political operation headed into 2020 with nearly $200 million on hand, according to party officials, giving him a financial war chest that vastly outstrips the resources of his Democratic opponents weeks before primary voting begins.

Trump’s reelection campaign, the Republican Party and two joint fundraising committees together raised a record $154 million in the final three months of the year, party officials told The Washington Post, a massive haul they said was fueled by backlash to the House impeachment of the president.

Of that, more than $72 million was collected by the Republican National Committee, driven in part by big checks from wealthy donors — a sign of how much of the moneyed class that shunned Trump in 2016 is now embracing him.

Almost half a billion raised last year. Lots of cash on hand. Two things Biden can’t say. And Trump really doesn’t need the money.

So it’s easy to understand why Biden is begging for more money.



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