Celebrity Backpedaling Biden Support

The fact that Biden is the last Democrat standing baffles me. The blatant hypocrisy proves leftists aren’t the loving, tolerant beings they claim to be.

Of course we already knew that. However, as Tara Reade’s story builds credibility, some leftists are trying to jump ship.

Among the defectors is the vile has-been, Alyssa Milano. Let’s rewind for a minute. When Brett Kavanaugh was forced to face lying skank Christine Bullsh*t-Ford, Milano didn’t even weigh an ounce of evidence before pouncing on the well-respected judge.

Immediately following accusations, Milano tweeted her support for Blasey-Ford. She even went to the Senate hearings to show moral support.

Milano went on to demand the FBI investigate. Further, she encouraged all Americans to forget the premise of “innocent until proven guilty” that is the backbone of our criminal justice system.

Milano’s blind allegiance makes her stance against Reade puzzling at the very least.

Enter Tara Reade

Reade stepped forward with her story of sexual assault. But her accusations against Biden hold far more credibility. First, Reade told her story to many people shortly following her traumatic encounter. Second, even Biden supporters stepped forward to back Reade.

As we previously discovered:

Lynda LaCasse, a former next-door neighbor of Reade’s and a self-described supporter of Biden spoke on the record with Rich McHugh of Business Insider about past conversations they had with Reade about the allegations.

“This happened, and I know it did because I remember talking about it,” LaCasse told Business Insider, recalling a conversation with Reade that occurred in either 1995 or 1996.
Another past acquaintance, Lorraine Sanchez, a former colleague, also recalled past conversations with Reade, though she said did not recall Reade referring to Biden by name.
“[Reade said] she had been sexually harassed by her former boss while she was in DC,” Sanchez told the publication, “and as a result of her voicing her concerns to her supervisors, she was let go, fired.”

Despite such proof, people like Milano tried to rip Reade to shreds. However, Milano failed to realize something important.

Tara Reade is no pushover.

Thus, Reade wasted no time in responding to Milano’s blatant hypocrisy.

As Fox News explains:

The woman who has accused Joe Biden of a sexual assault in the early 1990s blasted actress-turned-activist Alyssa Milano for defending the former vice president after being a vocal opponent of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh during his 2018 confirmation.

Earlier this month, Milano addressed the assault accusation made by Biden’s former Senate staffer, Tara Reade, and defended the Democrats’ presumptive presidential nominee, whom she had endorsed. The prominent #MeToo activist had made a splashy appearance at the tense Kavanaugh confirmation hearings in support of his accuser, Christine Blasey Ford.

“I think we need to compare how she responded to Brett Kavanaugh… quite different than the talking points she [used] regarding Joe Biden,” Reade told Fox News. “She never reached out to me. I don’t really want to amplify her voice because I feel like she hijacked my narrative for a while and framed it about herself… she knows nothing about it.”

It’s worth noting Biden’s laughable response, which he didn’t have the guts to issue himself.

Biden’s Deputy Campaign Manager Kate Bedingfield [issued a statement] that read: “What is clear about this claim: it is untrue. This absolutely did not happen.”

“Vice President Biden has dedicated his public life to changing the culture and the laws around violence against women,” Bedingfield continued. “He authored and fought for the passage and reauthorization of the landmark Violence Against Women Act. He firmly believes that women have a right to be heard – and heard respectfully. Such claims should also be diligently reviewed by an independent press.”

Biden? A champion for women? That’s fiction at it’s finest. But back to Milano. There’s nothing she can do to save face at this point, but she certainly tried to backpedal.

The kitchen clearly got a little too hot for Milano’s liking.

And since she has no chance of reviving her career, the burned-out actress must try to save her social media presence.

Now, Milano says Reade deserves to be heard. File this under “too little too late.” But, for what it’s worth, Milano made a big departure from her earlier comments.

“I just don’t feel comfortable throwing away a decent man that I’ve known for 15 years in this time of complete chaos without there being a thorough investigation and I’m sure that the mainstream media would be jumping all over this… if they found more evidence through their investigation.”

Let’s face it. Milano wasn’t looking for more evidence. She was just wondering if Biden could keep his criminal behavior in the closet long enough to become president. But Biden doesn’t have Hillary’s crime-squashing skills. Thus, Milano is tangled in another leftist hypocrisy. Where I come from, we call it “caught with your pants down.”



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