China Confiscates American-Made Products

The Chinese Wuhan Virus pandemic showcased a lot about Chinese manufacturing. And it’s not good.

For decades countries migrated their manufacturing to China. Because China marketed themselves as the cheapest alternative to onshore manufacturing. And they were. 

China excelled at manufacturing. They made products at a cheap price knowing the world would bring their manufacturing to them.

While making nonsense items, China continued to innovate in manufacturing techniques, while putting no money into R&D. Why bother, when you can steal other countries’ intellectual property? Having lived in China for a short time representing tech companies, I know the game.

China openly steals IP. It’s in their agreements. And the world allowed this, because China has been the cheapest place to manufacture. But when you steal IP, you don’t learn to innovate in ideas. So what the Chinese never learned, at least to the level of America, is product innovation and excellence.

Americans are born into excellence. It’s a by-product of freedom. And despite our outsourcing to mediocrity, Americans still know what excellence is.

Back in the day, American-made products were made to last. If America had maintained that ethic, matched with our ability to innovate, we would still lead the world in manufacturing. But along the way we lost our spirit, mostly due to Leftism. However, in the era of Trump, America makes a comeback.

President Trump’s battle cry of MAGA brought about a resurgence of Made in America. Believe it or not, the products demanded by the Chinese are indeed made by American companies.

As National Review reported,

American companies have seen their shipments of coronavirus medical equipment, such as face masks and test kits, stranded in China after the country implemented new export restrictions this month.

The shipments of personal protective equipment and other medical equipment currently remain in warehouses in China, unable to obtain the new clearances required to be shipped out of the country.

About 1.4 million coronavirus test kits made by Massachusetts-based PerkinElmer are not able to leave the company’s Suzhou factory under the new restrictions, according to a State Department document obtained by the Wall Street Journal.

The document also noted that Minnesota-based 3M was told by a Shanghai vice mayor that Shanghai “relies on 3M’s locally produced N-95 respirators for its Covid-19 prevention efforts and lacks viable alternatives.” Lifting the restrictions would require permission from the upper echelons of the Chinese government, the mayor indicated, according to the State Department.

General Electric was able to extract its shipment of parts needed to make ventilators after days of negotiations. Other companies, however, have not been able to do the same. Healthcare logistics company Owens & Minor, hospital operator Emory Healthcare, and biotech company Cellex have been unable to ship their medical equipment, which includes N95 face masks, isolation gowns, and coronavirus antibody tests.

As it turns out, the quality of American products made in China is better than Chinese products made in China. Because, the one thing the Chinese can’t duplicate is the America spirit.

Donald Trump knew that. In fact, he ran his 2016 presidential campaign on that fact.

For the Trump detractors wishing to take advantage of the Chinese Wuhan Virus crisis, the fact that Chinese consumers want American products speaks to President Trump’s China policy. And if that’s not enough, many products currently manufactured in China will most certainly return to America, after this failed experiment in Leftists trade policies.

How dare the Chinese cherry-pick the products that can come back to America? Our companies manufacturing in their country don’t lose their sovereignty. Yet, the Chinese government prevented some companies from supporting America during a time of crisis. These leftists policies flourished for decades. Worse, these policies were put on steroids during the Obama era.

While Obama conceded manufacturing to the rest of the world, President Trump believes differently. Thus, manufacturing jobs returned to America in droves, despite Obama’s warning of the “new norm”. Further, this pandemic test proved that some products must be manufactured by Americans, for Americans.

So again, President Trump shows the rest of the world what good sound policy looks like during a pandemic. The test of policy should be ‘does it work during peace time and war time?’ Trump’s actions support sound trade policy that encourages America’s independence in medical supplies and other critical resources at all times.

Leave it to China to prove President Trump’s points on trade and MAGA.


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