Chinese Facebook Campaign Blames Trump for Virus

Facebook and Instagram are inundated with political ads blaming Trump for the Chinese Wuhan virus! As if any sane person would believe such nonsense.

Furthermore, Facebook clearly thought no one would notice the fact that these ads weren’t classified as political. But now they say it was a simple error which they are correcting.

As my mama used to say, “likely story.” It’s far more likely that someone intentionally altered the status of such ads.

As the Telegraph explains:

Chinese state media is flooding Facebook and Instagram with undisclosed political adverts whitewashing its role in the coronavirus pandemic and pinning blame on Donald Trump.

Three official news outlets – Xinhua, China Central Television and the Global Times – have targeted users across the world with promoted stories in English, Chinese and Arabic.

The ads, seen millions of times, extolled China’s efforts against Covid-19, downplayed its domestic outbreak, depicted Mr Trump as misguided and racist, and suggested that the virus might have originated in the US.

Yet all of them initially ran without a political disclaimer, allowing them to hide information about who they were targeting and sometimes letting them sidestep Facebook’s strict rules on political advertising….

In fact, at least three Chinese media outlets run by the state targeted ads towards a global audience in Chinese, Arabic, and of course, English.

Propelling Propaganda

Millions of people have been exposed to these ads, which intentionally downplay China’s role in the explosion of the Chinese Wuhan virus. They aim to paint Trump as some misguided, incompetent Bozo. These ads even go as far as to say Covid-19 originated in the United States.

“[China] has taken stringent and forceful measures, and turned the tide on coronavirus,” said one ad. Another states: “Trump’s disruption to China has severe consequences.”

Additionally, the Chinese ads attack Trump for his use of the term “Chinese Wuhan virus.”

But we know Trump intentionally doubled-down on his use of the terms “Chinese Wuhan virus” to remind us that this virus represents the gross mishandling of the pandemic that originated in China. So far, we’ve learned that China hid the problem and then under-reported it. So, it’s no wonder that our president works to keep the truth alive.

Skewed Numbers

While China is downplaying the numbers, thousands of urns are sitting in Wuhan, waiting to be picked up.

The Telegraph explains:

New photos circulating online showing long lines of relatives waiting outside funeral homes in the Chinese city for the remains of their loved ones have renewed pressure on the ruling Communist party to reveal the full truth about impact of the Covid-19 virus.

According to Chinese government figures, 2,535 people in Wuhan died of the virus. But images and information obtained by the Caixin media outlet appear to contradict the official narrative.

Trucks shipped in about 2,500 urns to one funeral home on both Wednesday and Thursday, it reported. Another picture published showed 3,500 urns stacked on the ground inside.

Admittedly, we can’t say for sure how many urns are filled. But logic tells us that where there are many urns, there are many dead bodies. Sadly, we may never know how many facts China hid from the rest of the world.

But we do know this Chinese propaganda isn’t going away anytime soon. A Facebook representative pointed out that many of the ads are running in countries that don’t require any kind of disclosures. Thus, it is virtually impossible to track just how many ads have been created and how far they’ve traveled.

Ironically, Facebook defends it’s position of simply labeling media outlets as opposed to pulling the ads. They told the Telegraph they prefer greater transparency instead, which we know if code for “we like the revenue.”

Meanwhile, sites like ours experience shadow bans simply because we are conservatives. However, Facebook’s double standards are nothing new. And with election day only seven months away, prepare for it to only get worse.


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