Chinese Wuhan Virus: Stanford Study Shows Far More Prevalent Far Less Deadly

Bad news for Democrats. Because they want to keep American shut down in hopes a financial crisis will hurt President Trump.

Polls show otherwise, but the bad news keeps coming.

According to the various news sources,

In a startling finding, new Stanford research reveals between 48,000 and 81,000 people in Santa Clara County alone may already have been infected by the coronavirus by early April — that’s 50 to 85 times more than the number of official cases at that date.

The estimate comes from a first-in-the-nation community study of newly available antibody tests that suggest how widespread the invisible — and perhaps benign — companion has been in the Bay Area’s hardest-hit county. Not only do the numbers show how the U.S.’s severe shortage of testing led to a profound undercount of COVID-19 cases, they indicate the virus is far less deadly than believed.

Just how much of an undercount? Stanford’s low-end estimate of Santa Clara County cases is nearly double the confirmed total — 28,000 — for the entire state of California. The study estimated 2.5% to 4.2% of residents here carry antibodies to the pathogen, a marker of past infection that suggests it may be safe for them to go back to work and school. . .

So we can potentially add this massive undercount to the World Health Organization’s massive overcount on potential Chinese Wuhan Virus deaths.

Why believe any of the numbers Leftists concoct in order to send world economies into triage? Examine any real pandemic, and the overreach by Leftists is glaring.

For example, the H1N1 (Bird Flu) infected over 60 million Americans alone and killed at least 12,000. Worldwide deaths from H1N1 were estimated at 575,000.

Worldwide less than 3 million people are known to be infected with the Chinese Wuhan Virus. Further, less than 150,000 have died at this point. These numbers pale in comparison to deaths by the seasonal flu. According to the World Health Organization, the seasonal flu kills between 250,000 to 500,000 people EACH YEAR!

The article continues,

The new Stanford study comes at a time when health experts and elected officials look to immunity as one way to blunt the impact of the pandemic. It is not yet known if antibodies prevent future infection. If so, antibody protection could offer people a safe route out of strict “sheltering.” (Read more from “Stanford Study Shows COVID-19 Infection Rates May Be “50 to 85 Times” Higher Than Official Numbers” HERE)

So if this study turns out to be real, millions of Americans might be immune to the Chinese Wuhan Virus. More importantly, they could possess the antibodies to fight the disease, thus decreasing its mortality.

According to Specator USA, this may already be the case:

[I]t is one more piece in a jigsaw which is slowly building up a picture of a virus which may be far more prevalent — and possibly far less deadly — than was at first believed. As has been argued here before, knowing the general level of infection in the population is absolutely crucial because this informs both the virulence and the mortality rate of the infection. If only a small percentage of the population have had the virus, then it might be worth continuing with lockdown policies. But if SARS-Cov-2 is already endemic in the population there is nothing we can do to stop it but no great reason to try to stop it, either: it has already ripped its way through the population with only a small proportion showing any symptoms.

Anybody’s doctor who raised the DefCon level of this virus should have their medical license revoked. Any politician who did the same should be stripped of his or her office.

Clearly Leftists hold back critical information from citizens. They used the Chinese Wuhan Virus to test the sensibilities of Americans and revoke our rights.

Let’s hope that Americans see through the ruse, and never allow this nonsense to happen again.


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