Democrat explains how Progressives can support Biden and ‘still save face’

How sad when you have to figure out how to support your candidate without losing face. But that’s the position most Democrats find themselves in.

The former VP, Captain Creepy or Captain Demento (take your pick) has lots of issues. The funny thing is Biden doesn’t have any skeletons in the closet. His skeletons walk with him openly.

No Democrats can argue against Biden’s creepiness. They make excuses for it, like “He’s from a different era”, and such. But Biden and Trump are roughly the same age, and Trump doesn’t go around grabbing women by the shoulders and sniffing their hair.

And do we really need to discuss competence? I dare any Leftists to compare Trump’s private and public records to those of do-nothing Biden.

Billionaire builder, reality star, turned best non-wartime president of the United States versus perennial piker.

[TRIGGER ALERT] Hey Leftists, you can even throw Obama in the mix…just for giggles.

In considering the Left’s new argument, “PLEASE SUPPORT BIDEN BECAUSE HE’S OUR CORRUPT CREEPY SEXUAL PREDATOR”, I’m reminded of the Leftists who declared that a lack of enthusiasm for Biden might work in his favor:

You know things are bad when people tell you that a lack of enthusiasm for your campaign is called a “GOOD THING!”

And that’s just what Tiana Lowe wrote at MSN.

A new Washington Post/ABC News poll has confirmed what the political commentariat has long suspected: Democrats who previously elected our first black president and then the first female nominee aren’t terribly excited about voting for the 77-year-old Joe Biden.

Whereas 86% of registered Trump supporters polled reported being enthusiastic, just 74% of Biden’s registered supporters said the same. More stark is the breakdown. Among Trump supporters, 55% reported being “very” enthusiastic, and 32% “somewhat so.” For Biden, those figures were nearly reversed, with just 28% of his enthusiastic supporters claiming they were “very” enthusiastic and 46% saying they were “somewhat so.”

That’s not great news for Biden, but it still might not matter when it comes to Election Day.

At least she left herself some wiggle room, writing “it still may not matter…”

Now we get a new Leftist plea for Biden. Christina Cauterucci of Slate gives “Progressives” permission to go against everything they believe in to support Biden.

The title of her article is: How Progressives Can Get Behind Joe Biden Without Losing Their Credibility. She writes:

Joe Biden racked up the endorsements from his former nemeses last week. Bernie Sanders gave Biden the nod in a highly scripted two-hander on April 13, just a few days after suspending his own campaign. (Yes, that happened just last week.) Elizabeth Warren chimed in on April 15 with a video endorsement that praised Biden’s leadership in times of tragedy and economic uncertainty. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a devoted Sanders surrogate who got her start in politics on his 2016 campaign, came just short of endorsing Biden in an interview with Politico that same day. “I would love to see the vice president clarify and deepen his policy stances on certain issues,” she said. “But aside from that, you know, I think it’s incredibly important that we support the Democratic nominee in November.” As my colleague Jim Newell pointed out, the Democrats, for once, are in array.

Sure. Democrats are in array. Just look at all the Leftists she listed who claim Democrats have their sh*t together.

Truthfully, Democrats are in complete disarray. And Cauterucci actually explains it (highlights for impact):

It’s a strange phenomenon to watch. To give their party the best chance of ousting Donald Trump in November, progressive political leaders are throwing their support behind one of the most conservative, least inspiring, most out-of-touch, least values-driven candidates from what was initially an uncommonly diverse and left-leaning primary slate. That task would have been delicate even in simpler times. Today, with an ongoing pandemic, a once-in-a-generation economic crisis afoot, and a recent sexual assault allegation against the presumptive Democratic nominee, it has the potential to be a minefield. But it hasn’t been, really. Perhaps that’s because, at its core, this outpouring of accolades from the party’s nuclei of ideas and energy for an establishment candidate in visible cognitive decline is the picture of political normalcy. In a two-party system, the pride swallowing and the strained flattery arrive in the wake of every primary. For elected officials in either party, this is the cost of membership.

Least inspiring. Ouch. Most out-of-touch. Ouch. Sexual assaulter. OUCH! I see why Progressives are so high on Biden.

She continues exploring the #MeToo aspect of Biden’s problems:

Still, it might be difficult for some left-leaning people to really get energetic about campaigning for the former vice president. The challenges of endorsing Biden are particularly acute for progressive women and feminists, for example, especially those who’ve been supportive of the #MeToo movement and other efforts to unveil and eradicate sexual harassment and assault. Several women have accused Biden of foisting demeaning, unwanted kisses and touches upon them in professional settings, and Tara Reade, who worked in Biden’s Senate office in the ’90s, has accused him of sexual assault. When the New York Times reported on Reade’s allegation, its piece pointed out that the sexual assault allegations against Trump were far more extensive than the one against Biden. Some left-leaning pundits have made similar comparisons between Biden’s policies and Trump’s, expressing their halfhearted support for Biden by calling him (as they called Hillary Clinton four years ago) the “lesser of two evils,” an attempt at falling in line without abandoning their principles.

Meanwhile, Joe’s very own celebrity backers are backpedaling faster than Rosie O’Donnell buys her tickets to the annual butter convention.

There goes the women’s vote.

But still, Cauterucci lays groundwork for how to support Biden based on his record of achievement. Get ready to chuckle:

…Warren’s endorsement demonstrate that Biden has cleared the bar for political praise set by a coalition of “Any Functioning Adult 2020” bumper stickers. Biden has served in government for a very long time, Warren says in her endorsement video. Obama assigned him tasks, and he completed those tasks, she notes. Biden is “committed to getting something good done for this country.” Not anything specific, just “something.” Not something great or transformative, just something “good.”

So the Left’s argument is “Anybody but Trump”. And they tout Joe Average as that, well not transformative, but a good candidate?

I sense desperation. Ok, just kidding; I know Democrats are desperate. This article reeks of begging. Democrats might as well say, “Look we know our candidate sucks, but we can’t let Trump win!”

Sadly for the Party of Lynching of Negroes, America sees Joe Biden for what he is. A frail sick old man well past his prime.




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