Democrats Doomed: Protests in 21 States

Democrats fold up your tents. The goal of keeping America closed through the election ends this week.

The writing is on the wall, but Democrats can’t read “Trump”. The warning comes in the way of protests in 21 states.

There are protests in California, Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, Kansas, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Delaware and Maine

Do you see the list of Leftist-controlled states? Not just California, but Oregon and Washington?! But it gets worse for Democrats.

Because no longer can leftists blame President Trump for playing king. After all, Trump recognized states’ rights, and allowed governors to set their own rules. Now in 21 states, the people demand that this Chinese Wuhan Virus quarantine come to an end…immediately.

Keep in mind, there are states with Republican governors not on the list. Some of these states already committed to opening, like Texas. Texas recognizes that opening the country is long overdue. In fact, the country should never have been shut down to begin with.

The data on the Chinese Wuhan Virus is less dangerous than the seasonal flu, and liberals knew this. Nevertheless, the fallout has been extreme.

The economy took a temporary yet drastic downward turn. How many people died when they watched all their stock gains during the era of Trump wiped away in less than a week? We will never know.

Then, adding insult to injury, Democrat pundits predicted a recession or worse: the next coming of the Depression. They all knew their predictions were politically motivated and woefully wrong. Wishful thinking at best for these political hacks.

Who tries to demoralize fellow citizens? Bullies, that’s who. And Leftists are bullies, pure and simple.

Leftists bullied governments into a shutdown that created 33 million unemployed people. Then these same bullies warned against opening the economy. Even after having the facts that the Chinese Wuhan Virus is less dangerous than your garden variety flu.

While many of these job losses are temporary, some will become permanent. Some businesses will not recover, and thus will never rehire employees.

Unemployment breeds many ancillary issues. Things like depression and spousal abuse both ticked up. And the additional anxiety associated with not being able to pay one’s bills drives some people to alcoholism and/or drug abuse. Some people’s final act is to commit suicide. All these indicators increased during the time of Chinese Wuhan Virus.

Children are impacted as schools closed. The pious are impacted, as churches were closed. The government suspended Americans’ First Amendment rights over a lie. A hoax of a pandemic.

Americans know the game. No longer will we sit back and let our rights erode.

Over the past weekend, protests marches were held. And what was missing should concern Leftists.

In case you aren’t sure what was missing, let me help you: violence.

Democrats either couldn’t get their thugs together quickly enough. Or perhaps more likely, far more people now support President Trump and the job he’s doing running the country.

I know I speak for many Americans who can’t wait for the next Trump rally. If he has one, I predict it will be the biggest ever. Further, I hope he streams it, so we can get an idea of the millions who support the man.

Soon 21 states will be 50 states. And America will be back to normal. But not that “new normal” Democrats want Americans to believe.







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