Democrats Have a New Frontrunner

It’s fun watching Democrats pretend to like creepy crooked Joe Biden. Like last time, the Party of Lynching of Negroes must act as if they have a candidate who can challenge President Trump.

I’ve said many times that the Democrat who can beat President Trump hasn’t been born. But that doesn’t stop the Democrats from looking. And that’s what should have Democrats worried.

Thus, they keep searching! At least according to the New York Post:

A majority of Democrats want to nominate New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for president instead of Joe Biden, according to poll results shared exclusively with The Post.

The national poll found 56 percent of Democrats prefer Cuomo, with 44 percent wanting to stick with presumptive nominee Biden — a 12-point margin well outside the 4.8 percent margin of error for the Democratic sample.

Hispanic voters, young people, women and self-identified liberals are most likely to favor dumping the former vice president for Cuomo.

The poll, conducted April 3-6, was commissioned by the conservative pro-market Club for Growth, which generally supports Republican candidates.

Cuomo denied last month that he wanted to run for president, but some Democrats still are clamoring for an alternative to Biden, who faded from public view during the coronavirus outbreak, which elevated Cuomo in daily press conferences.

Biden didn’t fade from view as the article suggests. Biden was never in view. Unless you count his “ass-hattery”. The man is a certifiable moron.

And this explains how a man who isn’t even in the race polls better than Democrats’ chosen candidate. What an embarrassment!

Can you think of anybody Republicans would choose to replace Trump?

Of course not. That Republican hasn’t been born either.

But if you think Cuomo could beat Biden, then consider Michelle Obama. Can you imagine what would happen if she made an overture to run? You think Democrats ran over Hillary Clinton with a Sherman tank to get Barack? A Michelle Obama candidacy would flatten Biden to the point of him being unrecognizable.

Sadly for Democrats, Michelle Obama won’t run. Even if she did run, she too would suffer the same fate as Clinton and perhaps Biden. Trust me, Michelle Obama won’t put her legacy through the scrutiny of a Trump trouncing.

As for Cuomo, he and other Democrats are looking at the possibility of defeating Biden. Cuomo pretends not to want the presidency, but he’s a liar. He wants it; and so do many other Democrats. I saw an article where a Leftist theorized that despite Biden having no other challengers, he and other Democrats still anticipate a brokered convention.

Seriously?! A brokered convention?!

With no competition after Sanders’ departure from the race, Joe Biden still competes with, wait for it…Joe Biden.

Democrats know that Biden doesn’t have the mental capacity to serve as Commander in Chief. Biden can’t even be the head of his own family. So any serious challenger can’t be dismissed.

That’s why patiently Cuomo waits in the wings. He declares his undying loyalty to Biden, as he waits to chop Biden at the knees. Or he can wait for Biden to chop himself at the knees.

Regardless, Cuomo is the real front-runner. If he weren’t, then there would be no talk of him. As I said earlier, name me any Republican who can challenge Trump?



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