Democrats New Election Obstruction Plot

Because of Donald Trump’s pressure, nefarious Democrat plots are easier to spot than a black man at a KKK convention.

And the Party of Lynching of Negroes has a new scheme in place. For now, they try to place blame for the Chinese Wuhan Virus on President Trump.

But that’s not the end of the plan.

In fact, placing blame on Trump is just Phase I. Phase II is to intentionally try to collapse the economy. Democrats rejoiced as the stock market dove. Their hope was to cause a total collapse, then enter Phase III of their plot: get a Democrat elected.

Note, I did not write, “get Creepy Joe elected”. Because Biden may not get the nomination. And frankly any controllable Democrat will do. Phase III implies getting rid of Donald Trump by any means necessary.

All phases point to one thing: divert attention away from Democrats’ attempted obstruction in the 2016 election and the attempted coup against President Trump.

If any Democrat gets elected, all the Democrat crimes mysteriously go away. So now Democrats push for two things.

First, Joe Biden and Democrat leaders push to postpone or cancel the party’s nominating convention. Those pushing for this secretly hope that Biden wins. You will see Democrats who don’t support Biden push back on this. And that faction grows almost every time Biden makes a public appearance.

As one source noted,

Biden, who has come under scrutiny for the tactic establishment Democrats have taken to boost his candidacy in recent months, told MSNBC on Tuesday it was “hard to envision” the convention taking place if the Coronavirus pandemic continues ravaging the country.

“We should listen to the scientists. And you know one of the reasons why the Democratic convention was going to be held early was the Olympics were coming after the Republican convention,” Biden said during an interview with Brian Williams.

“We ought to be able to do what we were able to do in the middle of the Civil War … [have] conventions, and primaries, and elections, and still have public safety,” the former vice president added. “We’re able to do both, but the fact is that it may have to be different.”

Civil War? This brings me to my second point.

Interestingly, Congressman Adam “The Weasel” Schiff referenced Pearl Harbor in calling for a commission to investigate the handling of the Chinese Wuhan Virus.

Schiff tweeted:

After Pearl Harbor and 9/11, we looked at what went wrong to learn from our mistakes.

Once we’ve recovered, we need a nonpartisan commission to review our response and how we can better prepare for the next pandemic.

I’m working on a bill to do that. 

For the record, we know what happened in both Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

Democrat presidents allowed America to be attacked on our soil. Subsequently, the nation rallied to bail their asses out.

Today, we have China attacking Americans on our soil, and we have Democrats supporting the Chinese.

The Battle Royale

Democrats want to fast-track the election. And unbeknownst to them, the election is over. Trump won. But they will still fight.

So now we hear that President Trump didn’t act quickly enough. That’s likely enough wiggle-room for Schiff to attempt Impeachment v2.0. I jokingly tweeted to Schiff.

Leftist scum. I’m sure your “commission” will conclude that Trump colluded with Putin to unleash the virus to help his re-election

Or, Trump threatened to release in Ukraine if they didn’t investigate the Bidens 

Nothing will come of the commission. Frankly, Trump responded as good as any president could. Schiff knows this; same for other Trump detractors.

The real issue centers around Biden and the internal battle raging within their party. Without a convention, Bernie Sanders gets completely neutralized. Further, Biden avoids a convention fight like the one that occurred in 1968.

But I suspect there is a big faction within the Democratic Party who isn’t willing to put all their eggs in the Joe Biden basket just yet.



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