Democrats Thrilled: Biden Snags Hillary

Leftist logic is never very logical, but this time, they’ve really outdone themselves.

Since when is getting a three-time loser on board the best news of the week?

Apparently, today’s that day. At least according to the latest liberal parading her opinions on the Fox News network.

As Leslie Marshall tells Fox:

Hillary Clinton’s endorsement Tuesday of former Vice President Joe Biden in the November presidential election is just the latest sign of Democratic unity that will be needed to send President Trump into political retirement.

Biden has also picked up the endorsements of many other prominent Democrats, including candidates who ran against him for the presidential nomination this year, former President Barack Obama, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California, and even Rep Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez of New York – one of the most progressive members of Congress.

Democratic unity this year is quite a contrast with the disunity of 2016. Clinton struggled then to get endorsements, especially from Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont (who ran against her for the presidential nomination) and the more progressive wing of the party.

The endorsement of Biden by Clinton – a former first lady, senator and secretary of state – may not get Biden many additional votes, but it’s likely to help him raise the millions of dollars he needs to defeat Trump.

As a result, the Clinton endorsement gives Biden an important boost at a time he is finding it hard to get news coverage that is dominated by the coronavirus pandemic and by Trump’s lengthy coronavirus briefings that are televised almost every day.

Hmmm. I wonder why Marshall failed to mention Trump’s stellar performance handling the Chinese Wuhan virus pandemic. In fact, if we’re being honest, this virus vindicates Trump on every issue.

Think About It

A few weeks ago I wrote about the way Trump prepared us for this pandemic. The words ring truer every day.

Trump said: “We need to close our borders.” And leftists cried out “racist!” How about when Trump said “we need to bring our businesses home?” And liberals cried out “nationalist.”

Our president said “we need to be less dependent on other countries.” But liberals said Trump was destroying other nations. And when Trump said “take care of America first,” his wisdom was laughed at. Funny how a virus put things in perspective.

Suddenly, all those people shouting “not my president,” are waiting for President Trump to step in and say “we’re going to help you until this gets better.” Now, Trump’s plan makes perfect sense, even to the libtard doubters that plague his administration.

But liberals still tell themselves they’ll one up Trump come November. And they carefully release little tidbits that back them up. For example, two weeks ago, the left announced Obama’s endorsement of Creepy Joe.

Of course, Obama wasn’t willing to endorse Joe early on. And as we wrote several times, their bromance apparently soured shortly after the eight years of destroying America came to a halt. But liberals packaged it as a great victory. However, it we want to keep it real, Obama was just out of options. Creepy Joe’s all they’ve got. Thus, Obama’s endorsement doesn’t mean a whole lot.

Send In the Clowns

I guess Biden can never have too many backers. Not that they’ll do much good. Still, the left is shooting confetti streamers in the air to celebrate Hillary’s coveted endorsement.

I don’t think Hillary even likes Joe Biden, but you know what they say. The enemy of my enemy is my friend. And since Hillary doesn’t have many friends, she might as well throw her name behind Joe and hope he somehow wins. Because we all know Hillary couldn’t beat Trump. She definitely proved that already.

Trump hammered her long ago, branding the former Secretary of State as “Crooked Hillary,” a moniker even more famous than Elizabeth Warren’s “Pocahontas.”

If voters pay enough attention, they’ll soon see that Biden and Clinton agree on a lot of issues.

Marshall put it this way:

Trump’s continuing insulting attacks against Clinton – including regularly referring to her as “Crooked Hillary” and falsely accusing her of wrongdoing – are strong motivators to her to work for the defeat of a president she clearly views as unfit for the nation’s highest office.
Additionally, Clinton and Biden worked well together in President Obama’s administration and hold similar policy positions that differ dramatically from Trump’s. The sober and fact-based leadership styles of the two Democrats are far more similar to each other than to the erratic and unpredictable shoot-from-the-hip style favored by Trump.

But let’s just put things in perspective.

Trump’s shoot-from-the-hip style is also known as truth-telling. That’s why it’s so unsettling for most liberals. Furthermore, if Joe were a smart guy, he’d want to keep his name well-separated from that of any Clinton. Of course, he’s already forgotten the long list of reasons Hillary can’t be trusted. He’s probably also forgotten that he was once Vice President of the United States. Dementia tends to do that to a person.

However, there is a silver lining for Captain Demento. Come November, he’ll relish his ability to forget reality. Especially when he finds out Donald Trump is still his president.



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