Dems Use Crisis to Steal Liberty

I live in Kansas, where we’re often referred to as “flyover country.”

We’re often discounted as backwards kind of folks. There’s even a book detailing just how backwards we are. And it was a huge hit in liberal circles. But that’s part of the reason I love it here. Obviously, we lack mountains, oceans, even decent rivers. Thus, I stick with our muddy lakes, the pancake flat horizons, and the three foot rivers. Why, one might ask. Because I’m surrounded by people who want to take care of each other.

These people don’t want the government to care for them. But somehow, we’re stuck with a governor who’s vision is for the state to take over. There are many guesses as to how she got elected, but that’s a story for another day. Suffice it to say, Gov. Laura Kelly is nothing short of awful.

I don’t normally try to rock the boat too much when it comes to politics. In fact, I play the long game. “We survived Sebilius, so we can survive Governor Kelly.” That’s my internal dialogue. But recent events inspired me to rethink my ‘wait-it-out’ strategy. Now, I’m considering a change of strategy.

We’re all subject to the fact that coronavirus took over the world. It monopolizes everything- conversations, news, the internet, even our daily routines. Somehow, it the midst of all this hoopla, our governor managed to parley us to national news, twice.

Both times Kelly attempted to take away our liberty in the name of safety.

First, she decided to track (some say illegally) the citizens of our fair state with our cell phones’ GPS data. Second, she decided congregating in churches was illegal. Thankfully the rule about religious gatherings was overturned by our mostly Republican legislature. But just knowing Kelly tried is quite concerning.

What adds insult to injury in all this is the fact that churches were already self-quarantining. There is a pretty good system set up for church services on both YouTube and Facebook Live. I’ve personally helped a pastor get his sermon online. And apparently, couch throw pillows make fairly decent kneelers. Further, church leaders understand that some separation is a good thing and encourage this.

My more liberal friends (yes, I do have some) and our governor seem to think there are only two possible outcomes in this situation. One, the churches are all closed forcefully. Or two, we all contract covid-19 and subsequently DIE. One person even suggested churches are the cause of the rise in the infection numbers. This attraction to sheephood is very disturbing. Especially considering it’s happening in Kansas (flyover country, remember?).

I don’t think California would even notice what’s going on around them as they exposed their bellies to be gutted.


I oppose this abhorrent law. It’s not because I want people to die. But it is because of the overreach and sheer tyranny that’s inherent in decrees of this nature. We still have a constitution, despite the crisis. Imagine what could happen if the courts didn’t overturn Kelly’s church crackdown. A precedent would’ve been established, and it would insinuate that it’s OK for our government to throw our rights in the garbage can whenever they feel a little spooked by things like viruses. That directly goes against everything our founding fathers worked to establish.

In fact, our founders held to one fundamental idea: people don’t need to have someone rule them. This was coined a government of the people, for the people and by the people. Americans can rule themselves, because at the end of the day the average person understands what the right course of action is in nearly any given situation. We don’t need someone forcing an agenda down our throats. Our representatives in Washington (or Topeka, in this case) aren’t there to tell us what to do, but to do what we sent them to do. Thus the term ‘representative’.

The average citizen, even here in ass-backwards Kansas, is smart enough to understand that it’s an undesirable situation if you get or give this virus. Most people understand that it’s harder for this virus to be transmitted if everyone stays at home. We don’t need a law that can give the state more power to practice safe living. That’s a can of worms no one should open.

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