Hollyweird Predicts Trump Win Thanks to Chinese Wuhan Lies

Leftists sense the mood of America. They realize they pushed the country too far. Too much too soon.

After the complete failure of the Obama administration, Leftists needed Trump to be “all hat no cattle”. But Trump outperformed to their wildest expectations. Being honest, Trump outperformed many Conservatives’ expectations.

So the Leftists had no choice. Seek and destroy. And they tried.

With all the fierceness of Japanese kamikazes, Leftists bombed Trump. They sacrificed many, beginning with the bimbos of the #MeToo Movement. They carted out women who accused a billionaire playboy of philandering. Tough sell, even for Leftists. Billionaire men get what they want.

On to the race card

So Leftists sacrificed Latinos. “Trump hates Mexicans”, they declared. With Charlottesville, Leftists sacrificed blacks.

When those attempts failed, Leftists claimed that Trump used the Russians to get elected. Understand the Left stacked the deck so much in favor of Hillary Clinton, they had to blame somebody for her loss.

The Russians would be Trump’s undoing, as Obama previously weaponized the entirety of the Department of Justice to get Trump. Set him up, if necessary. And the dirty tricks would make a madame blush.

When the Russian collusion and obstruction gambit failed, Leftists used Ukraine. They actually took what Biden said and did, and turned it on Trump. And it what will undoubtedly be the most asinine move, used what Biden did to try to impeach President Trump.

All that failed. Despite Congressman Adam Schiff claiming to have irrefutable evidence against Trump. Also, despite Trump’s attorney getting raided and turning states’ “evidence”, Trump left Democrat bodies all over the battlefield.

As luck would have it for Leftists, the Chinese released a virus into the world, and Leftists got their final chance. They would use this created crisis to destroy the American economy.

Again, they failed.

So much so that HBO host Bill Maher warned the establishment media on his show Friday. Maher declared that the media’s dishonest and sensational reporting during the Chinese Wuhan Virus pandemic might help President Donald Trump get reelected.

In Maher’s show Real Time, he has a segment called, “New Rule”. During this segment, Maher lambasted journalists for pushing gloom and pessimism. The idea of trying to convince Americans that Trump is bad for being optimistic won’t work. Maher argued that Leftists are helping President Trump cruise to a second term.

Maher said,

“Now that we’re starting to see some hope in all this, don’t hope-shame me.”

“The problem with non-stop doom and gloom is it gives Trump the chance to play the optimist, and optimists tend to win American elections.”

Recall Barack Obama’s campaign slogan: Hope and Change. While Obama failed to deliver on his promises, Trump has not.

Maher displayed various news articles which depicted calamity and catastrophe. Sensational accounts of the Chinese Wuhan Virus in terms of numbers of people infected, purported to die, and so on.

WARNING: Video contains offensive language. Worse, you are forced to watch Bill Maher, one of the ugliest men on TV.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”, Maher said quoting Democrat and fellow racist FDR.

Maher continued,

“As full of s—- as [Trump] is, I could see Trump riding that into a second term and then there will be no hope left for you to shame.”

They call this comedy? But here was the punchline:

“News sources have to rein it in. Everyone one knows [COVID-19] is no walk in the park, because you literally can’t walk in the park.”

Don’t worry America, Maher nor most Democrats want Biden as president. Nevertheless, they must continue to deride President Trump while riding his economy to amazing prosperity. And they know Trump’s re-election is in their best interests, bar none.

In 2016 America got the same ominous warnings from Leftists about the potential election of Trump. As Trump’s numbers rose during the campaign, more warnings were issued. Leftists forebode that Trump’s election would crater the economy. We were told that the stock market would crash, and parents would eat their children. Ok, maybe not that last part.

But quite the opposite happened to the economy.

So after so many other failures, Democrats felt their last hope was crashing the market. They gave it all they got. And Trump wins again.

But secretly, Leftists are happy. They must feign devastation when Trump performs like a rock star. Because Leftists try to preserve the party. But it’s too late and they know it.

Maher says the media lies will bring Trump re-election. But it’s not just Chinese Wuhan lies. It’s all the lies told by Leftists from the moment Trump threw his hat into the presidential ring.




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