Leftists Used Chinese Wuhan Virus as Mass Hysteria Test

The Chinese Wuhan Virus “pandemic” provided the Left a training exercise. And either you see through the ruse or you are what Rush Limbaugh calls a sheeple.

It’s ok to admit you’re still capable of being fooled by your government; specifically the Leftists in government. Despite having 3+ years in office, President Trump hasn’t completely eradicated all the swamp rats yet.

However, be glad you had a president who has your best interest at heart. Trump’s feckless predecessor was the Swamp Rat in Chief. Had he prevailed over today’s Chinese Wuhan Virus “crisis”, he would have gladly joined the opposition. You can bet Leftists wish they had thought of panicking Americans during H1N1. Sadly for them, had they used the tactics to destroy Trump in order to meet their nefarious end-game, they would have killed the black baby on the birthing table. Obama’s economy couldn’t handle the current gambit.

In case you haven’t caught on to what I’m saying, Leftist elites wanted (and still want) Americans to panic. And they got a lot of Americans to do so.

Upon news of the coming pandemic, America canceled major events almost immediately. Other huge events are still pending cancellation. Sports events like the start of major league baseball, for example. Even the Indy 500, the largest sporting event in the world, is in jeopardy.

Entertainment events, conventions, even Broadway got hit. School was cancelled as governments ordered home-schooling for the remainder of the year.

Those who planned things that take months to plan like weddings, bat and bar mitzvahs, , quinceaneras, and so on, are sh*t out of luck during quarantine. So what that you invested months or a year on your event and spent thousands of dollars. Democrats needed panic!

Socializing was forbidden.

The panic continues in some states, as governors threaten to bring out the National Guard to keep people quarantined.

Peter Van Buren wrote a piece documenting our unwarranted fears, highlighting the fearmongers:

The New York Times claims that “the specter of death speeds across the globe, ‘Appointment in Samara’-style, ever faster, culling the most vulnerable.” Others are claiming Trump will cancel the election to rule as a Jim Jones. “Every viewer who trusts the words of Earhardt or Hannity or Regan could well become a walking, breathing, droplet-spewing threat to the public,” opined the Washington Post. Drink the damn Kool Aid and join in the panic en route to Guyana.

Americans obliged. We gave up our rights and self-imprisoned. For a few bucking the system who dare to visit parks with their children, they run the risk of getting ticketed.

Van Buren continues,

The grocery store in Manhattan, just after the announcement of the national state of emergency, was pure panic. I saw a fight break out after an employee brought out paper towels to restock the shelf and someone grabbed the whole carton for himself. The police were called. One cop had to stay behind to oversee the lines at the registers and maintain order. To their credit, the NYPD were cool about it. I heard them talk down one of the fighters, saying, “You wanna go to jail over Fruit Loops? Get a hold of yourself.” Outside New York, sales of weapons and ammunition spiked.

Cops guarding toilet paper aisles. Epic.

What happens after the non-apocalypse?

Panic seems to be something Democrats turn on and off. They moderate panic, using it as a weapon. Understanding that fact helps reveal what is really going on in times like these.

As I’ve discussed on my radio show, the run of the mill flues kill more people each year than the Chinese Wuhan. Van Buren offered these numbers:

Some 12,000 people have died, with over 13 million infected from influenza just between October 2019 and February 2020. The death toll is screamingly higher (as of this writing, coronavirus has infected 60,653 and killed 819 Americans). Bluntly: more people have already died of influenza in the U.S. than from the coronavirus in China, Iran, and Italy combined. Double in fact. To be even blunter, no one really cares, even though a large number of bodies are piling up. Why?

Need a 2020 example of how to manipulate panic? Following fears of a liquid bomb, Van Buren explained the TSA limit for liquids allowed on a plane to less than four ounces.

Can’t be too careful! Yet because of corona, they just changed the limit for hand sanitizer only (which, with its alcohol content, is actually flammable, as opposed to say, shampoo) to 12 ounces.

Finally, Van Buren explains the key to the panic. You simply can’t stop it:

False metrics are also manipulative because they make fear seem scientific. We ignore the low death rate and focus on the number of tests done. But whatever we do will never be enough, never can be enough, the same way any post-disaster aid is never delivered quick enough because the testing is not (just) about discovering the extent of the virus. For those with naughty motives, it is about creating a race we can’t win, so testing becomes proof of failure. Think about the reality of “everyone who wants one should get a test.” The U.S. has 331 million people. Testing 10 percent of them in seven days means 4,714,285 individuals a day while the other 90 percent hold their breath. Testing on demand is not realistic at this scale. Selective decision-based testing is what will work.

In other words, the test is what’s important.

No longer do Leftists use actual deaths from the Chinese Wuhan Virus as a datapoint. Because there simply aren’t enough. So they shift to testing. And some Leftists want testing for all, even if you aren’t sick.

Put in terms even bonehead Leftists can understand, using this logic, one would demand that men be tested for ovarian cancer.

Van Buren issues a warning for the future:

There will be time for after-action reviews and arguments over responsibility. That time is never in the midst of things, and one should question the motives of journalists who use rare access to the president to ask questions meant largely to undermine confidence. If they succeed, we will soon turn on each other. You voted for him; that’s why we’re here now. Vote for Bernie and Trump wins and we all literally die. You bought the last toilet paper. You can afford treatment I can’t. You’re safe working from home while I have to go out. Just wait until the long-standing concept of medical triage is repackaged by the media as “privilege” and hell breaks loose in the ERs. We could end up killing each other even as the virus fades.

At the very least, we will have been conditioned to new precedents of control over personal decisions, civil life, freedom of movement and assembly, whole city lockdowns, education, and an increasing role for government and the military in health care. Teachers, don’t be surprised if less of you, and fewer classrooms, are needed in the virus-free future, in favor of more classes online. It’s almost as if someone is taking advantage of our fears for their own profits and self-interest.

There is hella money to be made in fear. Democrats know this, so America can expect many more tests.






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