Leftists Wonder: How Does Trump Keep DOMINATING the Polls

Democrats dropped nukes on Trump. Yet he exited the rubble dressed for a Black Tie event. Trump doesn’t survive the Left’s attacks, he thrives in them.

After Democrats tried to pin some stupid ass Russian conspiracy on Trump, no nuclear fallout. Except on Democrats.

With every attack Democrats end up looking like moronic zealots. For example, Bob Mueller.

Enola Gay Mueller dropped Fat Boy on Trump during Russian collusion. Mueller’s bomb blew up in his face, as he fumbled his way through congressional testimony. Mueller’s testimony was truly a clown show.

Democrats and their fake news media face-palmed watching Mueller demonstrate total incompetence.

Next nuke, Little Boy. It too detonated on the Democrats.

Democrats painted “Ukraine or bust” on their second nuke. However, upon detonation by way of impeachment, Trump stood among the Leftists’ rubble and asked, “Is this all you got?”

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Democrats impeached President Trump. Early on they lamented that impeachment was the only way to get rid of Trump. Well, they’d better find another way.

Trump actually mocked Democrats post-impeachment. And rightfully so. He not only survived impeachment, he relished in the Democrats’ failure.

Next nuke? Actually Democrats ran out of nukes if history serves. Still they tried a dud: the Chinese Wuhan Virus.

Democrats strategized that killing the economy would kill Trump’s chances for a second term. So despite the potential to hurt millions of ordinary citizens losing jobs and retirement income, Democrats authorized the nuking.

A direct hit sent the economy reeling. The stock market reverted back almost to Obama-era levels. And unemployment shot through the roof. Surely Trump could not withstand this hit.

Yet, Trump’s poll numbers shot up. With Leftist pollsters. So no wonder Leftists now ask what does it take to kill Trump, metaphorically?

Chuck Todd of NBC wanted to know why Trump’s numbers stay so steady.

During a segment of NBC’s “Meet the Press” last Sunday, Todd questioned a recent NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll. He simply couldn’t believe that President Trump’s approval rating mirrored his rating at the same as a year ago – 46% approve versus 51% disapprove.

Todd commented:

“Now think about what’s happened, guys. We had an impeachment and a pandemic. So, an impeachment and a pandemic has happened between April of 2019 and April of 2020 and the President’s job ratings are 46 percent approve, 51 percent disapprove.”

Keep in mind the president’s numbers are actually better than this poll suggests. Both NBC and the Wall Street Journal poll more Leftists than Conservatives. So these numbers are likely reversed.

Todd feels like many Democrats. So he wonders what it takes to make a dent against Superman.

What Todd and his ilk don’t understand is Americans are on to them. In previous years, the media snookered Americans. Their narratives were sneakier. Not anymore. It’s not necessary to put quotes around “fake news”. We now know the media is fake news…period.

Also, Americans understand the stellar job President Trump did against the virus. Further, they understand that the economic meltdown happened as Democrats attacked Trump with the fervor of a blitzkrieg. But the number of people who believe Trump can bring the economy back is astounding.

Chuck Todd won’t have long to wait. Why Trump wins will become much more clear to the Left on November 3 of this year.

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