MSNBC: Imagine a Biden “Shadow Government”

An MSNBC anchor suggested that Joe Biden create a “shadow government”. I bet President Trump had a hearty laugh over this idea.

When I saw the suggestion, I imagined Creepy Joe asking his wife Jill, “Now where did I leave that shadow?!”.

Captain Demento can’t run his household, much less a shadow government.

However, Biden was part of Obama’s shadow government. This fact is why so many of his administration will soon be in prison.

But what Obama and Biden didn’t do is run the government. Nothing that administration accomplished could be done in the light of day. Their bills were passed with no transparency; the only way frivolous pro-Leftist legislation could pass.

Even so, while Biden learned shadow-government from Obama, like most things, Biden couldn’t carry the load. Which is why I’m intrigued that an MSNBC anchor publicly stated her treason.

Here how Fox News reported it:

The U.S. presidential election is still seven months away but an MSNBC host is already suggesting that Democrat Joe Biden set up a “shadow government” against the Trump administration amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Stephanie Ruhle pitched the idea Wednesday during an interview with Jim Messina, who served as deputy chief of staff of operations under former President Barack Obama.

“Then do they need to do it in a bigger way?” she asked about the Biden campaign. “What did you just call it, the president’s daily clown show — that’s his press briefing?

“Should Joe Biden be counter-programming that?” Ruhle asked. “Should he be creating his own shadow government, shadow Cabinet, shadow SWAT team — and getting up there at a podium every night, saying, ‘Here’s the crisis we’re in, here’s what we need to do to address this’?”

It’s difficult to run a shadow government, especially considering Biden will be Biden.

Captain Delirious already inserted his foot in his mouth when he said he would not have issued a travel ban. That statement is difficult to walk back given all the sh*t Democrats and other Leftists still give President Trump for doing the right thing.

“He’s a racist! A xenophobe!”, they proclaimed.

Then came the realization that Trump’s quick actions to ban flights from China saved lives.

Biden’s stance does make one wonder what the media would say if Biden had been in charge? Would Biden not implementing a travel ban have been criticized?

You know the answer.

No matter what Captain Demento would have done, Leftists would have praised his actions. Because that’s how the current shadow government works.

Oops, the secret escaped. The shadow government already exists!

Yes America, Joe Biden need not set up a shadow government, because it already exists. Consider how the media and #MeToo lying skanks refuse to condemn Joey Fingers for sexually abusing a staffer. And Tara Reade is exponentially more believable than the trollops Democrats trotted out to accuse Donald Trump. The same is true for the lying skanks (Hello Fox Snooze) who accused Kavanaugh.

If Trump had a “Tara Reade”, the shadow government would be on Trump like Weinstein on an country bumpkin actress; like ugly on Rosie O’Donnell, or like cankles on Clinton!

But Joey Fingers gets a pass. No longer do #MeToo shrews yell, “I believe HER!”.

Hardly a media outlet has even mentioned Tara Reade. Even when she filed a lawsuit against Joey Demento.

But the shadow government covers not just for Biden’s sexual abuse, they act on his behalf in the time of the “pandemic.”

First, the shadow government refuses to blame the Chinese. Travel restrictions against the Chinese were considered racist. But against Europe, no comment.

Second, renaming of the Chinese Wuhan Virus to “coronavirus”, and ultimately the clinical COVID-19 showcased how pervasive the shadow government is. In a time when the Chinese Wuhan Virus infected tens of thousands, and ultimately killed thousands, shadow government Leftists complain about the name of the virus.

Third, with the shadow government the marching articles are clear: Trump can do no right!

Sadly for the shadow government operators, they have Mr. Magoo as their new leader and spokesperson.

And Bungling Biden rarely disappoints. Gaffe after gaffe, on top of other gaffes. When Biden appears publicly, you can practically expect a gaffe orgy. Buck-naked-gaffery. A Gaffe-A-Palooza.

This graphic shows the word for word transcript of Biden’s comments on what his response would be post-apocalypse:

File this under, “You can’t make this sh*t up!”. And then pack Biden in a box marked “No Return” and ship him to China.

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