The Obamas Can’t Save the Democrats

The fake news narrative continues. Democrats contend that the Obamas still reign supreme in politics.

This fake news narrative is a must, given the woes Democrats face with their candidate and other issues.

Understand that Democrats hate their “front-runner”. As I’ve said on my radio show, if Democrats loved Biden, there would be no talk of Cuomo or brokered conventions.

While Democrats pretend to love the Obamas, they long for the 1990s, when the Hillbillies rose to power. The Clinton Dynasty lasted well into the new Millennia. However, the Obamas’ time came and went from 2008 to 2012. By 2016, the Constellation Obama all but faded into the deepest darkest regions of the Universe. Still, Democrats try to convince America that the Obamas remain relevant, despite every indication contrary to that notion.

For example, Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential loss. Barack Obama gleefully endorsed Hillary Clinton before Bernie Sanders rolled over to get his belly rubbed and a few million to bow out.

Clear of Sanders, Clinton enjoyed advantages that should have knocked Trump out of the race with ease, particularly an electoral college slanted heavily towards Democrat-gerrymandered districts.

The Washington Examiner summarized this advantage in this article.

This electoral vote allocation leaves the Democrat just 28 electoral votes from The White House, while the Republican needs an additional 100 electoral votes to win. There are only 126 electoral votes left among the 11 battleground states.

Hillary Clinton rested on her laurels, not even bothering to campaign in some of these aforementioned states due to Democrats’ built-in advantage.

But Clinton had an even better feather in her cap. Obama’s DOJ.

Her previous boss weaponized the entire Department of Justice against her opponent. I won’t revisit all the ways Obama tried to thwart Trump’s campaign. But history will one day reveal just how crooked his administration was.

From what I’m seeing, “history” may be as soon as a few weeks. Rumors are that John Durham has convened a grand jury, and heads will begin to fall soon. AG Barr is officially on record saying that the FBI acted illegally in their surveillance of Trump team members.

And what of the media? They willingly participated in the collusion to thwart a presidential election.

All these advantages, and Democrats still lost. So what good was Obama?

Perhaps you still aren’t convinced? Then look at creepy Joe Biden.

Biden served in what Democrats (knowingly) falsely describe as “the best presidency in history”. And Biden performed his role as court jester well. So when the race for the presidency in 2020 occurred, to put things in Hillary Clinton terms: it’s HIS turn!

Biden began the race polling in the low 40 percent range, and he’s been dropping like a rock since. While his former boss won’t endorse him, this hasn’t stopped Biden from taking credit for everything the administration supposedly accomplished.

With everybody out of the race, Democrats still look for a candidate. Because Biden’s constant droning about the good old days of Obama continues to backfire, even in the time of the dreaded Chinese Wuhan Virus.

The Obama-Biden era was a disaster. Obama’s landmark healthcare legislation that nobody wants anymore. And the same is true of Obama’s continuation of NAFTA, replaced recently by USMCA: the trade agreement between the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. Trump killed TPP, replacing it with individual trade agreements with Japan, South Korea, and China.

Still not convinced the Obamas are yesterday’s news? Look at the black candidates who ran.

Democrats had four black candidates in the presidential race. And three of them looked just like Obama.

The last to leave was Deval Patrick. At one point, I accused these two light-skinned Negroes of spooning, they were so close. Clearly Obama groomed Patrick (ahem) for more than just “Poker night”, but to be a presidential contender. Governors make good presidents, but Patrick had the shortest tenure in the race.

Forget Messam, as he had no shot. But the other two black candidates set up much like Patrick.

Kamala Harris represented Obama’s political twin sister, and Cory “Spartacus” Booker his little bro. Neither of these Negroes did better than Al Sharpton in their presidential bids, historical footnotes at best.

But Democrats need the black vote, right.

So why isn’t Obama holding rallies for blacks to counter those of Trump? If Obama is so popular, then he should be able to rally black voters all over the country. But nothing. Not even “virtual” rallies to shore things up for the Dems.

And there is a simple reason he doesn’t. He’s not popular…period. And neither is his wife.

The economy is rebuilding, and after the quarantine the economy will shoot up like a rocket. The stock market has already begun its recovery. And the same will be true soon, as Trump experiences record employment.

So bring on the Obamas, if that’s the Democrats “magic wand”.


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