People Had the Chinese Wuhan Virus BEFORE it was Reported

I traveled back from Florida in January, after visiting Mar-a-Lago for a big event. At the event, I saw thousands of people, many of whom knew me.

I shook hundreds of hands, and I had multiple conversations where people “misted” me. You know; accidentally spit in my face.

Many wanted selfies with me, as they recognized me from my days with Fox News. This was my life for two days.

A couple of weeks prior to visiting Mar-a-Lago, I criss-crossed the country for various engagements. I had started to feel a bit rough, but I chalked this up to normal wear and tear of travel. After all, I was cooped up multiple times with hundreds of people in total violation of what is now deemed appropriate “social distancing”. Further, I was traveling in the heart of winter.

Little did I or the thousands of passengers I flew with on multiple trips know that a new virus lurked in our midst. Had any of us incubated the dreaded Chinese Wuhan Virus?

The day before I was to leave Mar-a-Lago was not a good day physically for me. In fact, I had crawled into bed for the evening, when I got a text from a protege who had just arrived, and he asked to meet with me in person. I obliged hesitantly. I got out of bed, put on clothes, and drove to his hotel.

We chatted for a bit, then decided to meet others we knew were at the event as well.

As we walked along, people recognized both of us. So the “misting” conversations, and “shugs”, selfies, etc all began again. I’m not exaggerating when I say we spoke with hundreds more people.

He and I finally had dinner, and shortly after I ended the evening explaining that I wasn’t feeling well. By the time I got back to my hotel, I knew it was going to be a rough night. I underestimated it.

I experienced what I believe to be the worst sore throat of my life. My throat felt like somebody was scratching it with 100-grit sandpaper lit on fire. I almost went to CVS to get throat lozenges. I decided to wait until morning.

On my way to the airport, I bought lozenges and vitamins. I noticed I had a fever, as soon as I dropped off my car, the chills set in. I remembered thinking, “This flight will feel like forever”. I didn’t have a jacket, because who takes a jacket when going from Phoenix to Tampa.

Finally I boarded a packed plane; got my seat by the window and shut down for 5 hours.

I arrived home to family, including a 77-year old quadriplegic aunt who has lived with me since her accident. I went to my bedroom and isolated for 3 days.

Did I have the Chinese Wuhan Virus? Who’s to say. I thought I had a flu. But many people believe this virus started much earlier.

USA Today wrote:

A handful of widely circulated Facebook posts have asserted that people in the United States likely contracted the coronavirus as early as last fall.

“Who got sick in November or December and it lasted 10 to 14 days, with the worst cough that wouldn’t go away?” the posts say. “If you can answer, yes, then you probably had the coronavirus. There were no tests and the flu test would come back negative anyway. They called it a severe upper respiratory infection.”

Many of the posts currently circulating include the profile photo of a Facebook user named Donna Lee Collier. Collier did not respond to a USA TODAY’s request for comment on the origin of the posts.

Bonnie Powell, of Waynesboro, Georgia, copied the status and received more than 230 shares. She said the post reflects her opinion, not necessarily scientific proof. But she said she had heard from friends about sickness at the end of last year, which makes her suspicious.

“Our area has had a very virulent ‘flu’ season with many of my friends testing negative for flu,” she said in a Facebook message.

There’s simply no telling when this virus first reared its ugly head in the US.

The LA Times suggests the virus was in the U.S. as early as December. Refer to the article link, as I won’t subscribe to Leftist rags. But trust me, they wrote that the virus likely entered earlier than reported.

Add to the bad timeline, we get all the faulty reporting of death rates vs. survival rates; it’s hard to even decipher the data. However, based on my own experience, I believe it’s possible that the recovery rate is exponentially higher than the current reporting hypothesizes.

So fake start date combined with fake data, all to create the illusion that President Trump is incompetent. When you consider all that he was up against, Trump proves that his presidency is the best ever for a non-wartime president.


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