President Trump Revolutionizes Healthcare

Leftists won’t discuss what President Trump accomplished in healthcare in the time of the Chinese Wuhan Virus crisis. He revolutionized it.

As with all government-subsidized entities, the healthcare system operated inefficiently. Bloated, overstaffed, and disorganized. And full of waste and fraud.

However, consider some of what Trump’s actions showcased during this time.

President Trump worked with governors, many of whom quarantined their states. Only essential businesses and workers were to report. Certainly hospitals were essential, particularly in the time of a pandemic. But were they?

According to Leftists, hospitals were being overrun. That’s what Leftist governors reported, and the media backed them up. However, when Conservatives began a #FilmYourHospital campaign where people were encouraged to drive by their local hospitals and take video, we proved quite the opposite.

Leftists responded with their own videos. They chose New York and New Orleans hospitals bursting at the seams and trucks lining up to take dead bodies to the morgue. Indeed, those two hospitals were epicenters of the Chinese Wuhan Virus, and thus had many bodies. Further, they have many cases of the virus due to the poor management by their state and local governments. However, for the overwhelming majority of the country, hospitals resembled parking lots after game day.

As one person described,

Ironically despite war-like conditions in some cities, many hospitals across the US are like ghost towns with floors of empty beds. Shelter-in-place orders, postponed elective surgeries and fear of going to the hospital have emptied these hospitals. This is prudent. But well-meaning patients worry that going to the hospital will take a much-needed bed for COVID patients who are not there yet.

So what did this exercise in panic prove?

That America has too much capacity, even in the time of a pandemic?

Sadly, many Americans had to cancel elective surgeries. Because of this panic, hospitals, surgery centers and physician practices cut hours, cut pay, and even furloughed employees. Most of this was in response to the potential for Chinese Wuhan Virus patients that will never come.  In most cases, these surgeries could have and should have occurred.

I personally couldn’t get an elective surgery done. Unfortunately, my doctor forced me to delay the surgery until later in the year. But my quadriplegic aunt actually did a couple of her doctor visits without actually going to the doctor’s office. Many patients did the same. So, the adjustment to telemedicine proved that patients can get treatment without actually seeing a medical professional in some cases. Actually, in lots of cases.

Imagine what we save in productivity?

Doctors might be able to see more patients. And both patient and doctor save time. No more driving 30 minutes each way to see the doctor, then waiting an hour in the waiting room.

I heard that under the lockdown, the air in major cities became cleaner. Thank President Trump for making medicine “green”.

Rapid Response

Gone was the bureaucratic red tape of the FDA when it came to responding to the Leftist-deemed pandemic. President Trump acted quickly with a potential cure for the Chinese Wuhan Virus. Joe Biden’s chief adviser on the crisis commented that any potential cure would take between 12-18 months to get approved by the FDA.

Trump fast-tracked the approval, distributing the potential cure within two weeks.

Even with the cure approved, Michigan Governor Gretchen Wilson initially refused to allow the drug to be given. She actually threatened healthcare providers, though she later rescinded the threat. Governor Cuomo of New York limited distribution of the drug to only hospitals, thus eliminating urgent care centers and clinics from distribution.

Amazingly, in a time of pandemic some Leftists tried anything to keep the mortality rate as high as possible. Meanwhile, the president fought to save lives.

Right to Try

Part of the reason the president could move so quickly on FDA approval should be credited to The Goldwater Institute’s “Right to Try” legislation. This legislation allows Americans to take control of their life and death decisions when it comes to medicines or procedures that could save their lives.

Right-to-Try provided the basis by which some patients could try the drug. And much to the chagrin of the Left, the cure worked.

Still, Trump works tirelessly on additional treatments, as CNBC reported:

While the coming days in the nation’s coronavirus fight look bleak, President Donald Trump gave Americans some reason to hope. “There’s tremendous light at the end of the tunnel,” he said at a White House press briefing Monday.

“Currently, ten different therapeutic agents are in active trials and some are looking incredibly successful,” he said. “But they have to go through a process and it’s going to be a quick process based on what the FDA told me.” He said another 15 potential treatments are working toward clinical trials, “so they’re advancing rapidly.”

And what of fraud? For example, where are junkies getting their drugs these days, since they can’t go to the emergency rooms?

While some hospitals were overrun with casualties in the war against the Chinese Wuhan Virus, others were practically idle. The Trump administration proved that one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to medical care.


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