Rock Star Calls Out Creepy Joe

It’s no surprise that this story starts with Hollywood hypocrite Alyssa Milano. She’s no fan of Trump. And Milano makes it known whenever she spots a high-profile opportunity.

Milano’s acting career died in the early 90’s when her childhood sitcom was canceled. She’s never quite recovered. Thus, marking herself as Trump’s opposition was the only way to find some kind of relevance. Albeit not much.

In fact, it wasn’t that long ago when news erupted regarding Milano’s financial status. Let’s just say her bank account resembles her soul: devoid of anything positive. In others words, she’s broke. One might believe Milano would be better off asking the president for portfolio-building advice instead of wasting her breath on the anti-Trump narrative she loves to tweet.

Instead, Milano’s an opportunist of the worst kind – one who seeks to keep her name in the public eye to make up for the loneliness she feels on the inside.

But like I said, this story starts with Milano. It certainly doesn’t end there.

This time, the loving and tolerant leftist was put to shame by a rock star.

Enter Meredith Brooks

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Brooks and Milano sort of cross paths in the history of pop culture. Milano flopped in the early nineties. And just a few years later, Brooks landed on the scene with her hit song, “B*tch,” otherwise known as “Somewhere in Between.”

The opening line seems especially fitting these days – “I hate the world today.” Between the coronavirus and the witch hunt, we could spin that on repeat for days.

Brooks gladly went head-to-head against Milano.

As Breitbart explains:

Singer-songwriter Meredith Brooks called out Alyssa Milano’s endorsement of Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign, accusing the actress of hypocrisy over her claims to support all victims of sexual misconduct.

Brooks specifically addressed Milano, who led an unsuccessful crusade against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh over unsubstantiated claims of past sexual misconduct. The singer wrote a huge hit called “Bitch” about female empowerment, said that as a victim of child molestation, seeing photos of Biden touching children made her “blood curl.”

“[Alyssa Milano]⁩ as a child victim of molestation this curdles my blood I’ve never spoken about this before but I have no choice now,” Brooks said, alongside a collage of Biden touching and kissing various children. “You need to wake up.”

Brooks’ collage of Biden is accompanied by the caption: “Stop pretending this is normal.

“Where are all the #MeToo supporters?” Brooks wrote in a separate tweet, in response to a New York Times in which the paper said they found “no pattern of sexual misconduct by Biden beyond hugs, kisses and touching that women previously said made them uncomfortable.”

Milano’s Misgivings

Once again, Milano’s hypocrisy shines bright. In the past, Milano tried to shred Donald Trump as a womanizer while almost simultaneously defending Harvey Weinstein. And you can bet, she’s not ready to give up on Biden either.

The article continues:

Milano responded to growing questions about Biden’s behavior earlier this month, where she accused his critics of weaponizing the #MeToo movement for political gain.

“There is something to the idea that people are going to weaponize #metoo for political gain,” Milano said. “Just look at the replies here and look to see who those accounts are supporting in the primary. There always needs to be a thorough vetting of accusations.”

I think it’s worth noting that Milano hid many of the replies to her Tweet. In fact, I’ve never even seen Twitter offer up that warning before. But when I clicked on Milano’s tweet, that’s exactly what the notification read. She can’t stand the heat. Yet, she refuses to get out of the kitchen. Talk about cliché.

“Not good enough come on girl you have to start trusting your instincts,” Brooks responded on Thursday, calling out Milano. “Everyone but you can see the history, pictures, videos??? Maybe he’s not guilty but for you to endorse him without investigation Remember #BelieveWomen?”

Biden’s History

They don’t call him Creepy Joe for nothing.

In fact, Breitbart adds:

As well as his penchant for inappropriately touching children, Biden has also faced an allegation of sexual assault. Last month, former congressional staffer Tara Reade accused Biden of forcing her against a wall and putting his hands under her shirt and skirt and penetrating her.

Brooks is not the only critic of those defending Biden’s behavior. Last week, actress and #MeToo activist Rose McGowan accused the mainstream media of being “hard at work covering up for Creepy Joe Biden.”

“I don’t have Covid-19, but the media in USA is making me ill,” McGowan said in response to a tweet from The Intercept’s Glenn Greenwald. “The complicity machine is hard at work covering up for Creepy [Joe Biden.] Has @nbcnews asked any hard questions? Everyone knows he’ll lose, why not go hard? Why not TELL THE TRUTH.”

Why not tell the truth? That’s not exactly a hard question. Actually, it’s pretty simple. Leftists don’t tell the truth because they have no idea what truth is.






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