Three Men Arrested After Leaving Home

Colorado is among the many states to issue “stay at home” orders.

And in Colorado, they mean what they say.

Thus, three men went to jail when they decided staying at home isn’t their style. After seeing their mug shots, I’m not sure whether to dub them the “three stooges” or make a joke about Colorado’s lax marijuana rules.

As Fox News tells us:

Police in Steamboat Springs responded to a call around 9 p.m. Monday from a man who said a roommate invited friends over to their residence, violating the self-quarantine order.

According to the Denver Channel, the caller told police he tried to get the visitors to leave without much success.

Annette Dopplick, operations commander with the Steamboat Springs Police Department, told the news outlet that when officers arrived at the residence, the guests refused to leave or provide their names.

The three men – identified as Ryan Albert, 25, Travis Pettit, 34, and Joseph Thompson, 28 — were taken into custody and charged with failing to comply with a public health order.

Police said the three men did not live in Steamboat Springs.

A fourth person, Robert Rees, 46, faces charges of third-degree assault and obstructing a peace officer, but was not arrested, the news outlet reported.

You gotta feel somewhat sorry for these guys. After all, they were ratted out by one of their own. And all because the mainstream media has created a “panic-demic” of epic proportions.

Just the Facts

Lately, when I hear any coronavirus statistics, a little voice from my childhood whispers in my ear.

I used to watch “Dragnet” with my grandpa and my step-dad. I remember Detective Joe Friday’s catch phrase was always “just the facts, ma’am. Just the facts.”

Sadly, we’re not getting the facts these days. We’re getting skewed numbers built around panic attacks instead.

As Kevin Jackson recently pointed out:

Democrats delight in 17,000,000 people being out of work. And they love the growing number of Chinese Wuhan Virus infections. But mostly they love the deaths.

One of my friends joked that a man shot 33 times in Chicago was ruled to have been killed by the “coronavirus”.

Fake deaths

An article on CNet warned people to get the facts about “coronavirus”. The issue is so important that every country is involved, as is social-media giant Facebook:

Fact checkers from 30 countries are currently working to help debunk and prevent the spread of further false information across media platforms. Social media platforms like Facebook are also taking steps to prevent the spread of false information. Facebook has hired three third-party fact-checking organizations to monitor content and help trigger warning labels that users see when they’re viewing false information.

“Several of our third-party fact-checking partners around the world have rated content false so we are dramatically reducing its distribution and people who see this content, try to share it, or already have, are alerted that it’s false,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “This situation is fast-evolving and we will continue our outreach to global and regional health organizations to provide support and assistance.”

A reporter at Bloomberg media pointed out that if you search for “coronavirus” on Twitter, the social media site will direct you to visit the US Centers for Disease Results and Prevention website for information about the illness.

Ever heard of anybody “fact-checking” the flu?

And how will Facebook help?

It’s great to know Facebook suddenly wants to spread the truth, but they haven’t exactly proven their ability to spot honesty. Nor have the so-called fact-checkers.

In fact, last year, Kevin Jackson wrote an article regarding climate change. Finnish Scientists published a paper provide that man-made climate change is a farce. And Japanese scientists backed the study as well. So what happened when Kevin tackled the subject? Facebook shadow-banned us for months.

Here’s the kicker. Facebook failed to develop a process for challenging the “fact-checkers.” Thus, these people hold way to much power over social media.

Back to our boys in Colorado.

Everyone made it home. They were released on bond after a night in the slammer.

And according to the authorities that be:

Colorado, which has recorded at least 7,950 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and at least 327 deaths, is under a stay-at-home order. The order took effect on March 26 and is currently set to expire on April 26.

Honestly, I’m surprised the jailhouse took on these three. Clearly, they’re not worried about rules. And with many states freeing their prisons amid coronavirus fears, a case can be made that jail’s not a safe place.

Now, I’m sure after all this drama, these guys will do one of two things. Either they’ll stop trying to gather together, as it violates state regulations. Or they’ll kick out the tattle-taling roommate who bought them a night in jail.

But who am I to judge? I have seven kids, two grand-kids and a son-in-law. My household is over maximum capacity all day every day. Social distancing isn’t always an option.


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