Trump Delivers Hope for America

While we’re in the midst of possibly the biggest economic crisis since the Great Depression, President Trump reminds us to remain hopeful.

In his Good Friday address from the Oval Office, Trump reassured the nation that we will get through this. And when we do, we’ll be stronger than ever.

Trump’s goodness shined through as he thanked the nation for the prayers that are guiding us through these uncertain times.

As Fox News reports:

Trump was joined by Bishop Harry Jackson as he made brief remarks before the bishop delivered a message on Good Friday and prayed out of some Bible verses on behalf of the nation.

“At this holy time our nation is engaged in a battle like never before, the invisible enemy. Our brave doctors, nurses and responders … are fighting to save lives,” Trump said. “And our workers are racing to deliver critical medical supplies. Our best scientists are working around the clock to develop lifesaving therapeutics.”

Trump thanked the workers “making tremendous sacrifices to end this pandemic” and asked Americans to pray for God to “give strength to the doctors, nurses and health care workers.”

Additionally, he suggested that Americans use the time they are spending home, many of them under state-issued “stay-at-home” orders to stem the spread of the coronavirus, to “focus on prayer, reflection and growing in our personal relationship with God.”

“Your prayers are felt and I am forever grateful,” Trump said of Americans praying for him and his leadership during the coronavirus crisis.

Are these the comments of a racist, xenophobic, narcissist? Of course not, but that’s what the left consistently tries to sell the public.

Luckily, most Americans can see the truth. In fact, Bishop Jackson credits Trump for keeping many churches open.

Jackson’s Remarks

The article continues:

As Jackson began his remarks he thanked Trump for including churches in relief efforts from the federal government, saying that many “churches would have had to close down had it not been for your insightful leadership”

“Good Friday … is one of the darkest days in the Christian faith in that Christ stood in substitution for our sin. But the resurrection is our victory. But it parallels with the Passover,” Jackson said. “We want this plague to pass over. We want everyone in America to be safe,”

He continued, praying: “Lord let the death angel pass over. Let there be a mitigation of this plague, this disease. Let medical science come forth.”

“Be encouraged, hope is on the way. Amen,” Jackson concluded.

Trump, in his remarks, also spoke about the global nature of the coronavirus crisis, noting it is not just an American problem but a human problem.

“One hundred eighty-four countries as of this morning are fighting this enemy, and we pray for them all,” Trump said.

Easter Celebration

For many families, Easter is one of the most sacred religious holidays each year. We honor the crucifixion of our savior. And then we celebrate his resurrection. But this year, the celebrations will look quite different.

Social distancing cancelled most community egg hunts. And the mood in the air is far more subdued. Best rest assured that we have a President who won’t let this continue indefinitely.

Trump is working to reopen the economy and set us back on the path of success. Until then, we’ll all have some adjustments to make.

If you’re looking for some Easter ideas, Fox 8 compiled these suggestions:

Share You Family Recipes:

Like any great family gathering, the food usually takes center stage. Is it your dad’s famous honey-baked ham? Your grandma’s key lime pie? Don’t miss out on all your favorite staples! Compile a list of everyone’s dishes and send them out via text or email to the whole family. Have everyone try creating the dishes in their own kitchens and share pictures of the finished products with your whole family.

Host a Virtual Easter Egg Hunt:

Invite the littlest members of your family to participate in a virtual egg hunt. This one takes a little bit of planning on the front-end. Make sure each family that is participating has some treats at home. As the host of the hunt, hide eggs around your house or yard in places that would be easy to see on FaceTime or Zoom. Turn the camera around so that the kids on the call can see your house or yard as you walk around. When they say they see an egg, pick it up and award the child who spotted it a point. At the end, count each child’s points and have their parents give them the treats that correspond to each virtual egg they found.

Attend an Online Church Service:

Many churches are streaming their services for everyone to enjoy virtually. If your family tradition is attending church to celebrate Easter, have the family tune into your church’s online service from their own homes. After the service, set up a Zoom call to discuss the message of Easter with your loved ones.

Reach Out to Your Elderly Relatives and Neighbors:

The holidays can be a hard time to be away from family. During the coronavirus outbreak, the elderly population is at higher at-risk and therefore has to practice social distancing from even those closest to them. Make sure they feel loved on Easter (and every day) by connecting with them via text, call, FaceTime or Zoom.

Create Your Own Dye for Easter Eggs:

No need to run out to a grocery store for a fancy dye kit. You can make your own dye at home with what you already have in your pantry. All you need are eggs, vinegar and food coloring to make beautiful Easter eggs with your family.

Support Small Businesses for Easter Basket Goodies:

While the easiest way to provide an Easter basket is to pick up a pre-made one from the store, this year it is especially important to support small, local businesses. Get creative with your basket, stuffing it with locally sourced products. Reach out to your favorite local boutique to see if they are accepting orders via phone for pick up or delivery.

Have a Meet & Greet with the Easter Bunny

Does one of your family members own a bunny costume? They definitely get the cool relative award, if so. Forgo the usual pictures at the mall and set up a video chat to let the kids talk to the Easter Bunny instead.

If none of these appeal to you, I’m sure you can find the perfect idea. Just get online and search for Easter ideas and crafts. Get creative. And don’t forget to pray for our nation as part of your celebration. Our country needs our prayers.


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