Trump Markets Covid War Bond

Trump turned what Democrats hoped would be rain, fire and brimstone into a huge win for his administration.

The Chinese Wuhan Virus was meant to upend Trump’s economy. Leftists unleashed this virus on America with the hopes of destroying jobs, the stock market, investments in America, people’s retirement funds, and so on.

They cheered as the stock market fell, and laughed as the unemployment numbers exploded. They predicted a bear market, and talked of recessions.

Leftist smirked as more people were stricken with the virus. Then they stoked fear over the lack of testing for the virus or the lack of ventilators and masks.

Though the virus originated in China, Leftists refused to blame the Chinese. Instead they chose to blame President Trump. In fact, they sat back and let China blame Trump.

And with every action Trump took to insure the welfare of Americans, Leftists ridiculed him or worse.

When Trump issued the travel ban, Leftists called him racist. When he attempted to assure the public, they claimed his calm demeanor would cost lives.

Then when the president announced a potential cure, Leftists mocked the cure and asked how he would get it approved.

At no time were many Leftists willing to work with the president to solve the crisis created by the Chinese.

Even when Trump proposed a stimulus package, Leftists laced it with enough “poison pills” to kill a bull elephant.

With Leftists strategizing against him routinely, Trump won every battle, as he wrestled the fake news narrative from Leftists with his press conferences. Those pressers were the beginning of the end for Leftists. And he’s not finished.

According to Newsmax, the president might have one more marketing trick up his sleeve:

Kudlow told CNBC host Jim Cramer on Monday that he liked the broadcaster’s notion of a “covid war bond” and that he would present it to Trump. The government should consider “levers” that might be “unusual but timely and important means of federal finance” in a time of crisis, Kudlow said.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Kudlow told Cramer. “Obviously I’ve talked to our colleagues about this, whatever the maturity and the exact rate would be. This is a time, it seems to me, to sell bonds in order to raise money for the war effort, in this case the pandemic effort, in this case the effort to keep families and individuals and businesses afloat.

What a great idea. A “war bond”.

So if Democrats attempt to bring down the economy for nefarious reasons, the government will have an instant antidote.

And nothing unites a country better than a war! Particularly a war on a disease. Also, the fact that this disease was started by the Chinese doesn’t hurt Trump’s cause.

Of course, War Bonds are nothing new. The US government issued them in both WWI and WWII to finance war efforts. As CNBC reports:

The government back in 1917 went so far as to enlist the help of celebrities such as Charlie Chaplin, Douglas Fairbanks, Mary Pickford and Ethyl Barrymore to sell Liberty Bonds.

Bob Hope, Bing Crosby, Barbara Stanwyck and Humphrey Bogart aided a similar effort during World War II.

This time around, perhaps, JLo, Kanye West, George Clooney and Jennifer Aniston might oblige.

Patriotic Americans snapped up the bonds and helped finance the war efforts.

Similarly, today, the U.S. is engaged in a war against a virus that has brought economic activity to a virtual halt, causing unemployment to immediately skyrocket and a possible plunge in second-quarter gross national product by 30%, or more.

The war-bond concept is a solid one insofar as demand for high-quality debt is rising among institutional and individual investors.

Build The Wall / Fund the War

I predict these war bonds would be as successful as the “We Build the Wall” campaign. Last year, we brought you the story of wounded veteran Brian Kolfage. The triple amputee is sometimes referred to as the “most wounded (surviving) veteran” in history. Kolfage could easily sit at home and collect his disability check, but he decided he could do more. Fed up with democrats who worked to stop Trump from keeping his promise, Kolface started a GoFundMe to build the wall. We watched the numbers go from $500,000 to $10M in no time. As of now, it has more than $25M and rising! And Kolfage is building the wall, piece by piece.

What does this have to do with the coronavirus? Everything. Because it proves how many citizens believe in Donald Trump. And it shows how far they’ll go to back the president. All Trump has to do is say the word, and those bonds will sell like hot cakes. Imagine the disgust most democrats will feel when they see Americans put their money where Trump’s mouth is.



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