Democrats Upset: Trump Saves New York

How many ass-kickings can a group take? These days, Leftists seem to love getting theirs kicked by Trump.

One would think after so many beatings, Leftists would stop testing President Trump. Just jump on the Trump train for goodness sake. Unfortunately for Leftists, they have too much invested in their attempted coup. 

Democrats must take Trump out, and they’ve tried many times. For example, Russian collusion. With that gambit, they came up bone dry. Embarrassingly so.

Next came their Ukraine gambit, which they tied to impeachment. Again, they came up empty.

In their latest attempt, they’ve tried to tie President Trump to a Chinese pandemic. Again, they failed miserably.

Trump took control of the narrative with his press conferences. So much so, Leftist pundits demanded their networks stop covering him. They feared how “presidential” Trump looked, something they’ve oft criticized him for not being. But there is much more to being presidential than looking presidential, something we learned from Obama.

So, let’s consider Trump’s moves.

First, he issued travel bans from Europe and China. Again, Leftists accused Trump of xenophobia.

Next, he put the blame where it belonged, calling the virus the China Virus. For this, Leftists called Trump racist.

Next, they decried the lack of testing being performed, citing South Korea as an example. When the U.S. passed South Korea in testing, Leftists said nothing. Instead, they continued inciting fear with headlines that read:

  • U.S. the new epicenter of the coronavirus
  • U.S. deaths double from coronavirus
  • U.S. death toll could reach 200,000

And there were many other dire warnings. Leftists hyped up Americans even though the Chinese Wuhan Virus has not infected, hospitalized, or killed a fraction of those killed by H1N1 during the Obama administration.

When President Trump announced that a possible cure existed, the Left mocked him.

They said his claims of a cure were a hoax. When it was determined that the cure actually worked, the Left said it couldn’t be used in time.

Joe Biden’s virus adviser commented that there was no way Trump could get FDA approval on the drug quickly enough to make a difference. He theorized (wrongly) that it would take 18 months.

As more of those infected survived, Leftists mostly commented on the number of new cases. And when those numbers dropped, Leftists complained of shortages of face masks and ventilators. We then discovered they were hiding or hoarding them. Also, we learned that complaining Leftist governors failed to order supplies, even though they were warned against it.

When President Trump announced that he wanted America back to normal by Easter, the Left reacted predictably. They accused the president of wanting to kill more Americans by opening the country too soon.

Leftists celebrate the massive unemployment caused by shutting down the country. They did the same for the fall in the stock market. Many Leftists declared that America had entered a recession, dismissing the previous rock star quarters under President Trump.

In short, where Leftists are concerned, President Trump can do no right in fighting this faux “pandemic”. Because Leftists were hell bent on destruction of his administration.

Through it all, Trump remained Trumpian. And one of Trump’s tactics was deployed in record time.

According to The Hill:

New York is moving at breakneck speed to test antimalarial drugs that have previously been touted by President Trump as a “game changer” on critically ill coronavirus patients in hopes of finding an effective treatment against the deadly virus.

Such an undertaking “is something that normally would have been done in six to nine months and we’re doing it in three or four days,” a New York state health official told The Washington Post.

According to the state, three drugs will be used: hydroxychloroquine, chloroquine — both antimalarial drugs — and the antibiotic azithromycin. The first group of patients will receive hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin, a combination that proved effective in a small, controversial study in France.

Some states, like Nevada, have filed executive orders banning prescriptions of the drugs to fight COVID-19 until more comprehensive studies are established.

Damn the red tape. President Trump accomplished what no other president has or could, and saved New York.

He looked at the results of testing by others, and made an executive decision. I’m sure he’s working with Governor Cuomo of NY. But you can bet it is Trump who is willing to put his ass on the line. He readily ventures out on that fruit-filled branch, because Trump plays scenarios out until the end. New York saved. America saved.

And so will the stock market, and the economy. Soon this will all be behind America, as Trump strides easily into his second term.

Sadly for the treasonous Leftists, they will have 4 more years of Trump. But the next 4 will be very different than the first 4.

I can’t wait for Pelosi and Schiff to try their new inquiry into how things were handled. As with all things Leftists, Pelosi and Schiff will overshoot, and politicize Trump’s great work. And Trump will win another major political win.


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