U.S. Opts Out of WHO Vaccine Program

We don’t need no stinkin’ World Health Organization! That’s what President Trump told the WHO.

The Independent reported,

The US will not participate in a global effort with the World Health Organisation to develop drugs and a vaccine to combat the coronavirus.

A spokesman for the US mission told Reuters that “there will be no US official participation” in the programme, which aims to speed the development of a vaccine and share resources in the fight against the virus.

He said: “We look forward to learning more about this initiative in support of international cooperation to develop a vaccine for Covid-19 as soon as possible.”

The nation’s withdrawal from collaborative international efforts in the wake of the pandemic follows Donald Trump‘s announcement that the US would suspend funding to the WHO after he accused the United Nations agency of “covering up” the coronavirus outbreak from China. He attacked the organisation as he faced similar criticisms after reports showed that he had dismissed or ignored warnings about the threat of the outbreak from his administration for several weeks.

So no more U.S. money and no participation from the best medical professionals in the world. Something tells me President Trump wants to make a point.

Perhaps that point is the United States can design its own vaccines? Or the bigger point: the WHO is a racket.

The article continues:

A global initiative to accelerate the development of a potential vaccine was launched by French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, among other world leaders, on Friday.

If Macron and Merkel are involved, then the initiative will fail and will cost billions.

Back to the bigger point. The WHO is worthless. If the “pandemic” proved anything, it’s that the WHO should be dissolved.

Moreover, the virus itself is more benign than “slip and fall” accidents. So why all the hoopla to find a “vaccine”. A vaccine for what? A paper cut.

We already know what cures the Chinese Wuhan Virus. Clearly, it’s not “social distancing”. To cure this baby flu we need to focus on drugs like hydroxychloroquine. Or maybe Tamiflu. Or perhaps just a shot of zinc with Schwepp’s.

Why spend billions to produce a cure that already exists? Because that’s the New World Order Leftist way to do things.

Thankfully, America has a president that understands the game. And he chooses not to play.

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